I disappeared from HG briefly so I could pound my way through Dark Souls II
October 08, 2015

I'll be doing a more in-depth blog post than this, but yeah... I beat Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. So, what did I think?

-I ultimately enjoyed it, but it's a step back from the previous game.

-The DLC quests were almost not worthwhile. The first one was good, but the best boss fight it offers was basically a retread of Black Dragon Kalameet, except he can inflict you with toxic (Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon).

-The hidden boss in the Sunken King DLC was a three-on-one bout against two melee warriors (a heavy and a light) and a ranged character. Apparently this is meant to be a co-op challenge, but the fight is horribly unimaginative and lazy. They even recycled non-boss character models from the previous game (the heavy looks exactly like Hovel the Rock).

-The Old Iron King segment sucked. You refight the Smelter Demon (only his weapon is magic-infused instead of fire), plus you fight two of the buggiest bosses the game has to offer: Fume Knight and Sir Alonne. The former has some funky hit detection going on with his sword (his blade would sometimes pass through me without a lick of damage, but he tapped my head with the hilt of his sword as he was pulling back from a slash and killed me), while the latter wouldn't be so bad except for a certain impalement attack he has. Like, you can completely avoid his impale attack and the game will still register it as hitting, causing you to teleport onto his sword from wherever you are. Needless to say that many obscenities were spoken during that fight...

-I didn't bother with all of the bosses in the Ivory King segment. The third boss requires you to trudge your way, just about blindly, through a blizzard streaked expanse of land whilst fighting off wicked reindeer. Then you get to the boss, which consists of two enormous tigers, and commence taking the beating of your life. I will admit that, in spite of having to fight off a dozen or so knights before engaging him, I enjoyed battling the Burnt Ivory King before that, though.

-The standard campaign boss fights, on the other hand, aren't half bad. That might also be due to the fact that I over-leveled myself so I could stand up to the DLC bosses, thus rendering the campaign bosses all pushovers. Seriously, with one combo I was able to tear off half or more of the Throne Watcher's or Throne Defender's HP, nearly a quarter or more of Nashandra's HP, and toppled Aldia with no trouble at all.


In closing, I'm glad I bought the enhanced edition. Had I paid for all three of those packs separately, I would have felt ripped off. The first and third one are okay, but the second one just blows.

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