Gaming Progress 4: The Light Died
February 19, 2015

I've only got a few things to report before posting this, playing for a short time, and then shoving off to bed.

Dying Light
I finished this about a week and a half ago and just completed the rough draft for a review. My score: 6/10. I enjoyed it in the beginning, but god did it ever run out of steam. As Suskie said, it contains not a single new idea. It even has a QTE final boss fight against a vapid, cliched villain.

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
Put the screws to Malek, but had to run away because of his stupid unavoidable attack. I currently must seek the aid of the oracle.

Slowly, I'm becoming reacclimated to this game. I'm beginning to remember why I loved it, even if the load screens are irritating.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
I decided it was time to get through this title. I started it and promptly fell asleep. I then restarted it and juuuuuuust managed to stay awake long enough to almost fall sleep fighting the boss. So far, it's a boring RPG. I imagine that it will improve over time, but I'm thus far not impressed.

Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode 1 - Tides of Fate
I actually haven't started this, but I will be beginning it as soon as I publish this post.

Puzzle and Dragons
Okay, okay, so this isn't a serious project. It's an Android freemium puzzle/RPG that I've been addicted to. You amass a team of up to five monsters and engage in simple match-three gameplay. Matching certain colors prompts creatures of the corresponding color to attack. I currently have one monster of each color, which means any match I create will result in a creature attacking. Party members don't level up with each battle, but must be fused with other creatures in order to grow. You can gain new creatures by either defeating them in battle (which occasionally drops an egg) or winning them as a prize from an egg machine.

One neat thing the company did recently was include limited edition Hokuto no Ken characters. I've only snagged a few myself, but I've only kept Toki and Juda. I had Amiba and Mamiya as well, but their stats were weak and they thus became fusion fodder.

Apparently I missed both a DC Universe and a couple of DBZ collabs that they did as well. I still occasionally see one guy online with a Catwoman party member.

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honestgamer honestgamer - February 19, 2015 (09:32 AM)
I rather liked Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light when I played through it, even though I had to dig into it pretty deep because I was writing a guide for IGN. I especially like the aesthetic, and the hats system, as I recall. It does get better as it goes, but I didn't think the opener was all that weak, either. Actually, it's most reminiscent of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, which a lot of people also seem to hate (even though I liked it), so maybe that explains some things.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - February 20, 2015 (10:07 PM)
I'm on the fence about Mystic Quest. The soundtrack is fantastic, but the game itself is just okay. I wouldn't say I dislike it, per say, but it's nowhere near my favorite.

I'm also not the far into 4HoL, so we'll see how it turns out.

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