Time to Rebuild, Time to Rewrite
February 17, 2015

Some of you are my Facebook friends and have read my irritated posts about my PC going TU--which is my fault for trying to run Dying Light without first checking the system specs. Oh, the hubris that having a gaming capable PC brings... Anyway, the game pretty much crashed my system and corrupted one of my partitions, which disallowed me from nabbing a few documents. Namely, my: video game backlog, list of horror movies that I'd like to watch (I had over two hundred on there, and I'm very forgetful), Monster in My Pocket review, and list of games on dead systems that I was interested in picking up. Although these aren't terribly important lists, compiling them took hours. I also had to really scrape the inside of my noggin to get that MiMP review going.

Thankfully, my reviews for 1942 (NES) and the film Friday the 13th survived, as I forgot to remove them from my thumbdrive.

Tonight I shall be jumping on my backlog, although I know I should be working on my Dying Light review. We'll see how that goes.

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