November 03, 2011

Taking a week off from reviewing, but will jump back in some time next week. In the meantime, I'd like to blather about two games:

Demon's Souls:
Oh, where have you been all my life? You've kicked my teeth in, ripped off my scalp, stabbed me in the groin, and did that one other painful thing. But I still keep coming back to you! Demon's Souls is pretty addictive so far. The first time I died and had to start over, I nearly tossed the game out the window. Instead, I started over (and over) until I felt more at home. Getting used to the game's mechanics and face-crushing difficulty helped.

I love how the gameplay is actually fairly simple and easy to get down, but tough to master. I like that this is an RPG that doesn't let me level up for a couple hours and then pwn everything. I also really enjoy the scenery; magnificent fantasy worlds in a gloomy and desperate time.

But do you know what I don't like? The overly sensitive controls. No, it's not terrible, but I've fallen off cliffs and died because of the sensitivity.

Yggdra Union (PSP):
This one was a free download with the copy of Knights in the Nightmare I got about a year ago. So far, it's tough to say if I'll like it or not. While I dig the story, the lack of interactivity might become a problem in the future.

Still could be decent. The battles feel like the war scenes in Suikoden, except more automated.

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