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July 31, 2011

I don't mean junk in the literal sense, because some of it is not junky.

Having finished 40 Winks (and ultimately liking it) and giving up on Scarface (finding it mostly good, but ultimately a tad boring), I've moved on to some smaller, yet better, projects.

Bastion- Played it, finished it, reviewing it. Excellent game!

Ace Gals Tennis- A simplistic tennis game. It's okay, could have been better, could have been worse. It's a bit tiresome and glitchy, though.

Akane the Kunoici- Every bit as good as Gary says it is. Currently on 4-1.

Action Arcade Wrestling- Or was that Arcade Action Wrestling? It's pretty much your run of the mill wrestling game, but at least it's only $1. You're still better off snagging a WWE or Fire Pro game.

Project Eden- I'm surprised with this game so far. I thought it would be a generic third-person shooter, but it's really a tinker-with-everything adventure game with shooter elements. It could go either way on whether or not I like it, though.

Primal- Another surprisingly good (so far) adventure game, but I don't dig the combat too much. That and some of the cutscenes run a bit long. This one could ultimately go either way.

Genji: Dawn of the Samurai- I do enjoy a mindless hack 'n slash sometimes, and I'm enjoying this one so far. I just hope the difficulty kicks up a bit.

I also downloaded some other XBLI games that I'll be messing with over the next few weeks: Acid Rain, Platformance, Soul, and finally getting around to playing the ones I dl'ed earlier and never got to.

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