You haven't seen the last of me!
March 21, 2011

My Internet activity will probably be pretty limited this week and not at all active next. I'm moving, and that usually means having to schedule a visit from Comcast and play the waiting game so I can get intarwebs back. At least I'm finally getting out of this junky old townhouse and into a slightly nicer place (bigger kitchen and living room, and cheaper too!).

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pickhut pickhut - March 21, 2011 (11:35 AM)
Well, good for you. See ya soon!
qxz qxz - March 23, 2011 (03:48 PM)
I'm just asking this out of curiosity, but which major city is closest to where you're moving to?
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - March 23, 2011 (09:51 PM)
Spokane, WA. To be precise, I'm living in Spokane Valley.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - March 23, 2011 (11:41 PM)
I'm also submiting one more review before going AWOL:

Epic Dungeon

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