Putting the finishing touches on my Dragon's Curse walkthrough
November 21, 2010

I've forgotten just how much a walkthrough can really burn you out on a game. I have a feeling before long I'm going to hate the game that I had just reviewed at a 9. The next FAQ I have in mind........a Dragon's Curse Item FAQ. Thankfully, I already have all the info I need. I am not just going to C&P from my walkthrough, but actually write new info. That will be the last DC FAQ I will ever do. No. More.

Now, let's just hope I don't start hating the Soul Blazer trilogy. They're the next in line for a good, hard FAQing!

In other news, I recently saw The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Aw... Silent awesomeness! If you like silent era horror flicks, check this one out. German expressionism FTW!

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aschultz aschultz - November 23, 2010 (08:59 AM)
I agree...I've found myself willing to add in the details at the beginning, or I'm sure I'll get around to it, then I just want to get through it. Having a notes file and an outline only helps so much.

If I look at my walkthrough a year later, when I'm not burned out, I realize all I missed--including the stuff I was sure I put in because it seemed obvious. Then I'm ready to get burned out on the details, sort of. Still, it's a good feeling to get through a game and know you've explored it/covered it. And an email or two makes it all worthwhile.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - November 24, 2010 (10:35 AM)
It is indeed. Especially when you get a lot of praise. Sadly, it seems the only emails I remember are the bad ones. It's not because they were scathing, but because they were so poorly written or conceived.

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