Game impressions part 1- Freebies and Demos
October 15, 2010

As you may recall, I downloaded Steam not long ago. I've since downloaded a lot of free games, demos, and even bought some other games. The only game I've purchased that I haven't tried so far is Titan Quest, which I picked up tonight. Just thought I'd give some early impressions (not reviews, mind, but impressions) of what I've played.

The Graveyard (demo): The first demo I downloaded is beautifully dark and artsy, but let's face it, it's not really a game. You guide an old lady through a graveyard (and by guide, I really mean "patiently wait for her to hobble her wrinkly ass over to the bench"), listen to a song, then leave the cemetery. For $5, you get an extra scene in which she dies. Honestly, I don't feel like it's worth the extra five bucks to find out what that's like. It thinks outside the box, sure, but it's not very fun.

Coil: You can actually play this as a flash game. I can't remember what website. Playing as a sperm, and subsequently as a zygote and fetus, is quite different. There's a lot of variety to the game, and a rather intriguing "plot," but like sex it's over in five minutes and leaves something to be desired.

Loki (demo): It certainly is a gorgeous game. Couldn't tell you how well it played, as I never got past the load screen. Apparently, I'm not the only one with this problem. I have a pretty powerful computer, so I know it wasn't that. I look at it this way: if a company can't make a stable demo, what makes me think the full game will be any good? Combine that with the low Metacritic score and my decision on this game is to just avoid it.

Depths of Peril: Think of that name being attached to a Diablo clone. You might think it to be dark, demonic, and full of constant clicking. Really, the game uses way too cheery looking, moves quite slowly, and has a very dull battle system like a dumbed down Baldur's Gate. Instead of constant clicking, you click on an enemy and watch your beefcake go to work. I suppose that beats the constant clicking, but it feels out of place. The name belies the environment and atmosphere. I look at the bright and colorful environment and ask, "Is this 'Depths of Peril' or 'Adventures in Fairyland?'" Slow combat, sugary graphics, and the fact that the developers make a quest out of the most asinine things leads me to believe this game is best left alone.

Trine- A side scrolling platformer with gorgeous graphics and a solid narrative. It almost reminds me of The Lost Vikings. There are obvious differences, but the gameplay is a bit similar. The game really promotes brain usage, which is good. Unfortunately, the frustration factor is also quite high, and the combat leaves something to be desired. I'll probably snag it when it's on sale.

As for the games I've purchased--Arx Fatalis, Deus Ex GOTY, Freedom Fighters, and Titan Quest--you'll hear about those in a different post.

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