PSA: Don't buy Dead Rising 4 now
December 10, 2016

PREFACE: I'm a fan of Dead Rising and greatly enjoyed 1-3. I spent way too time playing the original earning nearly every achievement. I also played the 2nd game to death. I was disappointed when Microsoft announced the third's exclusivity because I knew I'd waiting longer to play it, but when I did I really loved the larger sandbox and larger swarms of zombies. I blindly bought Dead Rising 4 because of my love of the series and regret it.

WHAT SUCKS: I went in knowing the recharacterization of Frank West was awful and the time limit was canned. I didn't realize though the psychopath boss fights were also cut and replaced with extremely generic fights with "maniacs." The maniacs are all just reused assets - they wear clothing from Frank's closet and wield a random combo weapon. It feels like these were thrown together to save time more than anything. The boss fights in the story aren't any better. The story is also probably the worst in the series. The game is also stupidly easy. You now have seperate inventory for melee weapons, guns, throwables, healing. By the end of the game I had like 7 melee weapons, 8 guns, 7 throwables and 5 healing items. And health items are EVERYWHERE and heal a set amount. The upgrade system also gives you an absurbly large health bar that can be replenished quickly. There is no challenge.

It's also really glitchy. These will likely get better with patches. A run down of glitches I encountered:

-Way too many clipping issues than I can count. Zombies get stuck in walls and objects frequently.
-Frank gets stuck in terrain frequently. You often have to mash jump to get out.
-At least 5 instances of the controls inexplicably locking up for 15 seconds or longer.
-Getting stunlocked in situations that were clearly not developer intended. One time I was hit into an electric fence and Frank's reactionary animation kept throwing him back into the fence 8 times before it kicked me away from it.
-Randomized Side Events that simply refuse to flag as complete (likely because zombies that needed to be killed clipped out of bounds)
-Zombies freezing, reverting to T Pose and then disappearing after death.
-My sole 1 death in my 16 hour playthrough came when Frank was stuck uncontrollable in an animation that kept replaying in an infinite loop.

WHAT'S GOOD: Mowing down gigantic hordes of zombies is still mindless fun. It has the biggest and best sandbox in the series. I had tons of fun exploring, looking for new weapon blueprints and leaving a path of entrails behind me. The Exo Suits are silly but really great for wrecking havoc.

WHAT'S UNDERHANDED: Overtime Mode has been a staple of series to unlock the True Ending. The ending here is a bit abrupt and rather negative. Turns out Overtime Mode is coming as PAID DLC.

CONCLUSION: I legit regret purchasing Dead Rising 4 at full price. It feels rushed and unfinished, and it has the gall to demand more money for an ending. If I had known about the latter, I would have waited for the inevitable Ultimate Edition on PS4. I should have known better considering Capcom announced the game 6 months ago. I should have known better since they've mismanaged Street Fighter V all year (10 months later and still no Arcade Mode). I'm having doubts on Resident Evil 7 now despite the excellent demo.

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honestgamer honestgamer - December 10, 2016 (10:45 PM)
This post made me feel ever so slightly better about the financial dump life recently took on me that forced me to cancel my pre-order for this game. Thanks!

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