So my PS4 died this morning.
October 16, 2016

I had played a bit of Shadow Complex Remastered this morning and everything seemed fine. Just tried to turn the thing on and it the blue light just comes on briefly and turns off. From what I've read, it's likely a GPU issue that isn't an easy fix or unfixable. I'm actually not that surprised. My console is from the 2nd wave of PS4s right after launch and it's gotten heavy use in almost 3 years. Additionally, I noticed increased performance issues on my most recent run of Dark Souls 3 that had me wondering if the console was on its last legs. Of course it had to happen right after I finished Gears 4.

So normally I'd go out and buy a new PS4, but I'm in a unique situation here where I could also just wait a couple weeks and get a PS4 Pro instead. I wasn't sold on the Pro because I don't have a 4K TV, but at least the extra $100 would give me twice the hard drive space and potentially improved performance. Not trying to brag, but $100 is also rather insignificant for me. The only downsides to waiting are pretty minor: I'd have to wait on Titanfall 2 (I don't have Live Gold) & the Dark Souls 3 DLC. Just waiting for the stronger variant is pretty tempting. Feel free to throw in your thoughts.

PS: Gears 4 has a pretty solid 10-12 hour campaign but consists mostly the same formula with new weapons and enemies. Certainly leagues better than the low-effort campaign of last year's Halo 5, but it's no Uncharted 4.

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honestgamer honestgamer - October 17, 2016 (02:39 AM)
I live in constant fear of one console or another failing on me, as I've had it happen a few times now. It's never pretty. Sorry to hear that you have to go through that!
jerec jerec - October 17, 2016 (07:23 AM)
If that were me, I'd just wait a few weeks and get the Pro. There's plenty of ways I can occupy my time in that time. It's fairly short when you're a working adult. Sometimes my PS4 doesn't even get switched on in that time.
pickhut pickhut - October 17, 2016 (09:48 AM)
After having to go through at least two red rings with the Xbox 360 last generation, I've grown weary of new system releases. I think that's the one major reason I held off getting a new system at launch during this cycle.

But yeah, I would also recommend getting a PS4 Pro if you don't mind the extra $100. Hopefully the first batch doesn't have issues.
hastypixels hastypixels - October 22, 2016 (06:27 PM)
No wonder so many are falling back in love with old school hardware. When was the last time you remembered your SNES/Genesis spontaneously frying itself? My PS3 died the in same ignominious fashion and it's inexcusable and lazy hardware design.

Small wonder Nintendo is taking the path well traveled gear tried and tested, huh?

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