First Impressions Ė RymdResa
August 01, 2015

RymdResa describes itself as a poetic space odyssey which is weird Ė thatís weird, right? I wasnít entirely sure what I could expect when presented with a game described as such. It goes on to say how itís a combat free exploration game that uses abstract poetry in an attempt to convey the crippling isolation of space. My first playthrough ended in my explosive death thirty seconds in.

As did the majority of my attempts. You start the game stranded in the dead of space with no real clue as of what youíre doing and why. Thereís a vague pointer herding you in the direction of, I donít know, something, and in following it I almost always fell afoul of a meteor shower or got sucked into the gravitational pull of a nearby spiteful sun. Stupid, stupid suns.

RymdResa (PC) image

Thereís three chapters you have to progress through, but I feel like Iíve only had one decent shot at getting past the first in the hour or so I sunk into the game. Thatís because the rogue-like elements are, well, rogue-ish. Explore and youíll slowly find upgrades such as new engines and consumables that make you invisible or destroy all the threats around you. Whatís remarkable about this is that they donít die when you do; you keep everything, including any pilot levels gained. As such, my early runs became little more than throwing myself headfirst into oblivion while I slowly evolved. Or, at least thatís what I thought. Actually, my myriad of insta-deaths were probably down to being an impatient hack and just charging around like a lunatic, consuming ludicrous amounts of resources and ramming face first into obstacles that I gave myself no way of avoiding. Because, you know, space physics. Poxy zero-g driftingÖ.

Stage One asks you to visit several location in your search for, I dunno, a new home? You can explore various planets you stumble across, as well as all manner of derelict craft that might just give you a resource boost of uncover a little slice of their own story. Thatís where the abstract poetry comes in (abstract, I deduce, just means they donít have to make anything rhyme) which isnít as obstructive as I initially feared. Sometimes, if you survive long enough, your astronaut will chirp in with a few verses about his crushing isolation or his mounting indifference. He speaks in a weird roboty nasally voice. Itís suitably odd.

RymdResa (PC) image

The longer you last on each run dials up experience and Ďspace pointsí which you can use to purchase one-off better ships for your next run and... other stuff Iíve not figured out. Iíve decent engines now, a hardier pilot level and a Ďauraí whatever the bloody hell that is so feel like Iím not far from cracking the first stage. Hopefully I can do so over the weekend.

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pickhut pickhut - August 04, 2015 (11:20 PM)
Actually sounds like an oddly fascinating game. Wish I could try it out myself if I ever find time for it... and that's a lot of wishing considering the slew of games in the coming weeks.
honestgamer honestgamer - August 05, 2015 (01:15 PM)
Don't tell me I accidentally sent you something interesting to cover!
EmP EmP - August 05, 2015 (02:47 PM)
Can say I'm 100% sure. Stage III is bugged and I don't know if that's because this is a pre-release or just because it's, well, buggy. I will say that I was hesitant to take this but have enjoy the time I've ploughed into it thus far

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