April 15, 2010

My thoughts on the next XCOM. Most of you might want to skip to the next paragraph

Obviously, Iím not overly optimistic. Iím not sure how 2K are going to be able to turn whatís probably still the defining TBS into whatís probably going to be a new reworking of the Bioshock engine. Iím not going to write the game off so early though; that would be dumb. The guys bought the license because they think as highly of the original games as me, and that makes me think that they donít just want to milk it for what its worth. Anyway, even if it does suck, itís not going to diminish my enjoyment of my favourite game. XCOM Enforcer was god awful, but it did me no harm.

What you all probably wanted to hear:

I am saving my money and I am going to Boston. When I get there, random people will die just in case they have some input in how 2K Boston are anally raping my favourite game with a double-sided razor. I am obscenely angry and I will blog about it incisively until my fury is sated with blood!


I didnít even really like Bioshock. I liked the first hour or so, but played back when the 360 was stuck with Vita-chambers. All this meant is Iíd play an hour or so in, lose interest, play something else and then come back months later, play the first hour, rinse, repeat. Bioshock 2ís proven theyíre incapable of making any other FPS, but, then, all theyíve said thus far is that itís viewed from the first person. Iím not sure how a TBS the scope of XCOM will work out as such. Environments were randomly generated each battle and, if they actually put that in an FPS, well, thatíd be kind of cool. If they just make the game a rigid FPS with a set amount of stages and obligatory hand jobs to the existing fan base with little titbits of stuff like R&D, then, like Enforcer, itís XCOM in name alone.

Iíll watch with interest from here.

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wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - April 15, 2010 (06:21 PM)
Bahaha. You don't want to go to Boston, man. That's like the worst place for an Englishman to go. And not least because it's 25% Irish-American. =D

Of course, because I know that part of the post isn't true, I fully expect you to buy the game whenever it comes out and then rip it to shreds in a review.

Also, you lie about dismissing games based on initial perceptions, haha. I mean, you dismissed Heavy Rain quickly enough. =P

P.S. Yaaaaay new blog post! =D =D =D
bluberry bluberry - April 15, 2010 (09:28 PM)
if you come to Boston, I will fondle you. come to Boston.
zippdementia zippdementia - April 16, 2010 (12:49 AM)
I read both paragraphs. And enjoyed them. You need to rant more frequently.

Hey, don't look at me like that. You're behind in your rant quota.

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