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February 15, 2009

Unless you’re Venter (who has to cheat by having four billion reviews posted) or Zig (who needs to cheat by peddling smut and corrupting the minds of the innocent) I am vastly more popular than you on the internets. FACT.

Last night I overtook Midwinter in the hit tables. Mid was too busy wearing shorts to work to comment.

The blog post is now open to tributes and homage.

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wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - February 15, 2009 (09:28 AM)
Observe as a crowd of women fawn over your great achievement.

"Oh, EmP - you're you're so awesome...! *sigh*"

Observe also as I make you a super sandwich.

Now be happy. =D
JANUS2 JANUS2 - February 15, 2009 (01:20 PM)

But what happened to midwinter?
Genj Genj - February 15, 2009 (04:10 PM)
A parade for EmP:

zippdementia zippdementia - February 16, 2009 (01:43 PM)
One of these days, when you least expect it EMP... I'm going to dethrone you.

And then deflower you.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - February 16, 2009 (02:32 PM)
!!!! o.O ...! >=O
darketernal darketernal - February 17, 2009 (04:07 AM)
Wow, you have guys wanting to sodomize you, girls wanting to make you sandwiches and fawn over you. Truly, you have it all.

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