December 25, 2008

Empleh16: I could take it.
DarkEtr: Surely you jest.
Empleh16: I'm an Alphamathon winner; I never jest.
DarkEtr: Bah, it's a fixed competition.
Empleh16: I'm also a Alphaolympics winner.
DarkEtr: You are?
Empleh16: So, really, I'm king of the Alphabet.
DarkEtr: No you are not.
Empleh16: Yes I am.
DarkEtr: At least not the lastest one, the one in which I was cheated of a high place.
Empleh16: And you will address me as sire.
Empleh16: I won either last year or the year before that.
Empleh16: I am the LORD OF THE LETTERS.

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bluberry bluberry - December 25, 2008 (04:06 PM)
boo: more like
boo: uh
boo: lord of the faggots
boo: YEAH
EmP EmP - December 25, 2008 (04:07 PM)
Oh, that boo and his snappy retorts.
bluberry bluberry - December 25, 2008 (04:09 PM)
gaylord fartley
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - December 26, 2008 (09:44 AM)
Haha. That one's a keeper.

Myself, I will forever remain perplexed as to how someone who consistently has eight million typos in his work can indeed be Lord of anything, but hey. That's just me. =P
darketernal darketernal - January 03, 2009 (07:56 AM)
Probably the charm of the possibility that a first grader wrote it. It makes it all the more precious. Still, I suppose some congratulations are in order. Even if you did come to said position by backstabbing and trickery of the highest order.

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