Blacksite: Area 51
September 18, 2008

I just beat Blacksite: Area 51. Hereís some artwork to make this post look bigger.

Itís a short, by-the-number game that is beatable in, say, five hours. It was fun, but far from brilliant and Iíll probably burn though it on a harder setting at some point. Review forthcoming. However, this post is to talk about ending spoilers:


You nuke the big bad base of evilness, lose all your team mates that display a personality of their own and donít have a nice pair of breasts (and, really, as soon as someone starts talking about how much they love their young daughter theyíve left at home, they may as well pre-order the casket.) The last bit of the game is quite challenging and gave me a decent boss fight and even a cool lead up to it. I kill the boss, I look smug. The ending is thirty seconds long.

You win. A helicopter gets you. The only survivor from you platoon that isnít you (the one with nice breasts) tells you that the real challenge will be surviving the fallout. You donít see the fallout. You see the credits. Credits splashed against the same fifteen-second clip over and over.

There is no post-credits snippet. Itís back to the option screen. Games, especially mediocre ones, need a worthwhile ending. I expect someone to say ďthanks for putting up with meĒ with random sexual favours or a bloody big sandwich, not a swift kick to the bollocks, and thatís what cop-out endings always feel like.


I almost played Half Life afterwards, but I taught someone to play drums instead.

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wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - September 18, 2008 (03:33 PM)
*makes you a giant sandwich*

...don't expect anything else from me. >=O

Be happy. ^_~

EDIT: Oh, and play Half Life.
darketernal darketernal - September 19, 2008 (04:02 AM)
Half-Life is good because it has a silent protagonist, and it's not a rpg!

Though we would all much more prefer a Duke Nukem, master of one liners.

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