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May 09, 2008

I'm going to do something a little taboo and actually blog. And I'm going to blog about something none of you care about. No, not genj's new musical interlude or the ongoing debate over how many figures OD's age has strayed into (my money is still on three), but on football.

And not your dull American football nonsense.

We do not allow girly sports in the Arena of EmP.

With our premiership champions being decided on the last day -- and what could very well be on a margin so slim it will need goal difference to declare a winner, I've really started to enjoy the game again. There was an awful period where you could predict the champions and bet the house on it pre-season, be it Manchester United's fantastic run throughout the 90's , Arsenal's spell of dominance or Chelsea's successful attempt to buy the trophy annually, until last year, the surprises were few.

This year has been great for football.

Tottenham are in Europe! Portsmouth are in the FA Cup final and they're playing bloody Cardiff! And the safest bet is that the winner of the premiership will be the team who have scored the most goals. This team is going to be Manchester United. And this is the fairest result.

Chelsea has always talked about playing beautiful football, but has always been happier to grind out a result instead. To watch Utd play the last few years has been a joy (although I can't believe I'm the only person in the world who can see Ronaldo is a shit free kick taker. He smashes it right into the wall, every single time!) The amount of goals they've scored has been a testament to their attacking football, to how willing they are to throw players forward. They do this because they know there's always a good chance they are going to score. Chelsea drowns their squad in defensive midfielders and is often happy to score then absorb.

For a team owned by an open admirer of Barcelona's fluid football, this is often quite puzzling. Almost as puzzling as why they insist on wheeling out Frank Lampard for every game they can squeeze him into.

In a fair world, Manchester United will be picking the trophy up this weekend. As for when the two clubs clash in the first English-only European Cup final later on in the week? That one's still up in the air.

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Halon Halon - May 09, 2008 (12:14 PM)
I love how either Chelsea or Manchester wins practically every year. What amazing management from the other teams.
EmP EmP - May 09, 2008 (03:34 PM)
It was Arsenal's to lose mid-season. They were five points clear and simply threw it all away.
overdrive overdrive - May 09, 2008 (03:55 PM)
Three figures.....for my age.....didn't realize I was the Methusalah for this site. Or at least not to that extent. Dang.....
- - - May 09, 2008 (05:48 PM)
It's crazy that Arsenal had a run where they only picked up eight points out of twenty-four, while Man Utd collected twenty-two in the same run. From five points ahead to nine behind in eight games! Well, now that Man Utd has dropped points of their own in recent weeks, you could say Arsenal have done respectably this season. Still, what could have happened if they didn't have such a shit captain.

Not that I'm an Arsenal supporter. Truth be told, I'm not at all keen on them. Nice football, yeah, but none of their regulars are English (or even British). And we're playing in an English division. The heck? The closest they've got is Walcott, who's used as a super-sub more often than not. Then again, Chelsea have Lampard--who you've rightly called godawful--and someone who's apparently cheated on his hot wife.

At the end of the day, I'd like to see Man Utd win the league. Partly because I think they deserve it, and partly because I can't physically punch Drogba in the face, and this would be the second best thing to happen.
daff daff - May 09, 2008 (06:19 PM)
I'm so glad soccer will never be popular in the U.S.

I love hockey though and I don't know anyone else that does.
Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - May 09, 2008 (07:03 PM)
Hockey's awesome. Football's awesome. Soccer's for French-loving fruit bats!
darketernal darketernal - May 10, 2008 (12:12 PM)
Tottenham will get Modrić soon which means they will have a good, very good player in their ranks.
zanzard zanzard - May 11, 2008 (02:09 PM)
Pfeh. European football...

You guys should watch some maches from "Libertadores da América". That's where 85% of the players in European temas come from anyway. :p

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