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September 01, 2007

Return to Mysterious Island (PC) July 03

This came in a boxet along with Journey to the Moon (which I got to later!) and was actually a lot of fun. The thing I liked most about RtMI was that each goal can be completed in a differing way. So this is what I focused on with this review. While I like how that aspect came out, it feels a bit.. samey. Like I'm getting a little too much into a rut. I need a break!

Armored Core 4 (XBOX360) July 04

My attempt at getting out of my rut failed horribly and this review got lambasted for the fan-fic like cut-aways I'd included throughout. Knowing when to cut my loses, the review has since been updated minus the cut-aways. Without them, I don't think it has any real soul to it, but it reads like an actual review and not a bad fan fic.

The biggest pain, finding a text to put the cut-aways in, vanished with their deletion.

Exit 2 (PSP) July 20

So, a freelance guy said he had a PSP thus I accepted a PSP review code. Said PSP was promptly sold and I was stuck.

Now I [all but] own a bloody PSP, Exit 2 is the kind of game that makes the purcahse seem worthwhile. It's a fun, quirky and unique little game that wouldn't be applicable on the DS or GBA. I played the game and wrote the review mainlky from work where I decided to try and fond out how much videogaming I could get away with over a slow week. The answer was a lot.

Journey to the Moon (PC) July 30

There's a real steampunk/sci-fi setting around this one, and how they've managed to bring the books to life is quite the feat. Even if Ancell looks like a derranged killer and not the brilliant explorer he was meant to be. Also, got to love the English accents oon the French protaganists.

Like its sister game, Return to Mysterious Island, there's a multi-branch puzzle solutions deal going on, but it's not quite as free-flowing. For atmosphere, JttM destroys RtMI, but roles are reversed for gameplay.

Interesting note: This game is called Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne in the states. Haha, your title sucks.

Persona (PSX) August 22

I've been wanting to review this game for ages (HG already has a staff review for this but it's, to be blunt, awful) and despite it loosing to Boo in the TT (Curse you, tubby!) I'm really happy with how it came out. I threw the discussion points around a bit to take familiarity out of the picture and spent most of the review comparing the JP and NA versions, which are so different, they may as well have been released under different names. Whereas I caught some stick for this in the TT judgement, it's not someting I'm going to change.

PS: Mark dances sexy.

Sam & Max: Season One (PC) August 29th

Just when I think I'm done with the bloody series..

The intro isn't just there for comedic effect: I really did launch into a huge speil about the history of the series that went on for a good four or so paragraphs. Obvioulsy, this was overkill, so I scaled it right back into what you see now.

Big thanks to VM on this one. We had an obligitory fight the day before the TT deadline and proofed each other's reviews still with an air of hostility, but we predictably got bored of bickering half-way through. Shame, too; she's always so much quieter when she's sulking.

I must rememeber to go back and hyperlink the hell out of this later. I didn't review all six episodes seperately to not spam them hard in a season sum-up!

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 (360) August 31st

Time-killer review penned at work, written from a pretty smarked point of view, but it should find a niche, at least! Not actually played a wrestling game in any depth since the glory days fo the N64, so comparisons are rather shallow.

True INSOLENTLY didn't do his obligitory WWE review this year, so I fugured I'd have to do it for him.

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July & October? EmP, your reviews always make me sweat.
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I'll have you know that the ladies find me pleasantly plump.
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