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NFL Blitz 2000 (PlayStation) artwork

NFL Blitz 2000 (PlayStation) review

"The sound in this game is one of its donwfalls. I guess that the small amount of music that is in the game is ok, but the voice acting that sometimes comes up between players is simply laughable!"


The original NFL Blitz was an interesting blend of the basic rules of football and wrestling... This sequel to Blitz has better graphics, updated player and team stats, and new modes, playbooks, and more of the same ol' bone-crunching gameplay!


+ As before, the graphics push the Playstation very hard. The animations are now smoother, and the players and environments are more detailed. Although still not as good as the N64 version, Blitz 2000 looks excellent for the PSX. There can be slowdown every now and then, but no game is perfect.

+ Ultra-simple and ultra-fun gameplay with great controls! Blitz is based around the basic rules (or lack of, rather) of football, with wrestling! Yep, that's right: wrestling. You can tackle players without the ball, you can tackle them however you want, you can even do WWF-esque moves on them! And all of this is done with such ease. I actually think that the Playstation controller can sometimes be difficult and awkward to use, but Blitz 2000 utilizes it very well. Plus, it has very simple and easy-to-use menus, leaving out frustration that can be found in other sports games.

+ Excellent multi-player mode that allows you to compete against a friend, or play on the same team as each other. This adds to the overall addictiveness and enjoyment to the game.


- The sound in this game is one of its donwfalls. I guess that the small amount of music that is in the game is ok, but the voice acting that sometimes comes up between players is simply laughable! Of course, this isn't that big of a deal, and some people might even like it, but I thought that the game could've used a much more thorough job.

- Gamers looking for a ''real'' football game will feel severely let-down, and I've ever heard some people say that it gives football a ''bad name.'' I didn't feel this way about it, but I can see how many fans would, due to its slack rules, and wrestling feel.


Overall, I think that NFL Blitz 2000 is a great game that most gamers will find to be highly addictive, though some more hardcore football fans may not appreciate it. With a killer multi-player mode, and excellent graphics, you can't go wrong here! Not to mention that I snagged this for only $10 online at, so there's really not much to lose!

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Staff review by James Gordon (Date unavailable)

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