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Gran Turismo 2 (PlayStation) artwork

Gran Turismo 2 (PlayStation) review

"The graphics in this game aren't exactly up to par with today's other games. Sure, they're good, but they really aren't much different than the first one's graphics. They did make a few touch-ups, but nothing terribly noticeable."


The first GT was the best car racing game ever, and would always be that...or so I thought. That was until THIS game came out. With approx. 200 new cars (that's double the amount of the last game), a few touch ups on the graphics, cooler music, and more modes, races, and tracks, this game RULES!


+ 200 new cars! With 5 nationalities this time, instead of 3. Mercedez, Alfa Romeo, Mitsubishi, Lotus, Citroen, Porsche, you name it. They're all here, and with accurate prices and models, it's just like the real thing. This game's got all the cars from the first game, plus a ton more. You can't go wrong there...

+ 11 new tracks, tons more races, and more license tests. Basically, the sequel is a much deeper game. Now, there are HP requirements for races, and several nationality races. And instead of the 3 licenses that were in the first one, there are 6! That's double. And there are about double the races, and more than double the tracks. You'd be amazed by how long you play this game. There's even a killer 2 player mode where you can race against your friends. From simulation mode, to arcade mode, to vs mode. Gotta love this game.

+ More great tracks from hip artists. I guess that this game has more of the same kind of music as the first game, but better. I personally like the tracks in this game better, not to mention there are more of them.


- The graphics in this game aren't exactly up to par with today's other games. Sure, they're good, but they really aren't much different than the first one's graphics. They did make a few touch-ups, but nothing terribly noticeable. I think they could've done a much better job on the graphics, although this is overlookable, because graphics don't make a game, and they're still pretty good.


Well, the only real problem I saw here were the graphics. While still quite good, they could've used some work. Of course I still love the game for its awesome 400 cars, 20 tracks, a number of races I haven't counted, and 6 license tests. Now the racing is even more in-depth, and new components were even added. It's basically the first game, with tons more cars, tracks, and depth. If you liked the first GT, you're gonna love this one!


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Staff review by James Gordon (Date unavailable)

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