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Gran Turismo (PlayStation) artwork

Gran Turismo (PlayStation) review

"Nice looking reflections, and an awesome hi-fi mode that you can unlock which has even BETTER graphics. You can see the wheels spinning, and all the cars are extremely accurate, and are identical to the real thing."

This revolutionary racer introduced realistic control and gameplay, breakthrough graphics, and 200 customizable cars coming from several real car companies. Many people consider this the best racer of '98, or even the best racer of all time. First I'll start with the graphics.

The graphics are excellent for their time. There's a replay mode where things just look great. I didn't know the Playstation could look this good. Nice looking reflections, and an awesome hi-fi mode that you can unlock which has even BETTER graphics. You can see the wheels spinning, and all the cars are extremely accurate, and are identical to the real thing. Everything in this game from the tracks to the FMV looks great in this game. No problem here. Now for the sound...

The sound in this game is alternative and techno. There's a hit song by Garbage on here, and other popular artists. I personally enjoyed it. It's catchy, and gets you in the mood for racing. However, it does get EXTREMELY annoying, and many people might call the music in this game ''Trash.'' It's all up to what you like... The sound effects were great though, from the revving of motors, to the sound of crashing into a wall. All superbly done. Now for the gameplay...

Gran Turismo's gameplay is where it's at. There are around 200 cars, coming from several sucessful car dealerships, like Ford, Dodge, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and some Euro and English ones too. The control in this game was made as realistic as possible, and it's true! It was made to actually feel like real driving. Not only that, but all the cars are totally customizable, from the engine components, to the tires, to the drive engine, to the downforce! It's got everything. Customize your car for power, and what style of driving you do. Learning the driving techniques in GT isn't easy, but everyone will learn in time. The main mode in the game is simulation mode, where you start out with about 8,000 to buy any car you want (it isn't much), and you win races, and get money for them. With this money, you can buy new parts for your car, etc... There are also 3 license tests, which are needed to race certain races. This game can be pretty tough, but it's probably suitable for most ages.

Overall, this is one of my all time favorite games ever. It's got it all. Never has a racer been this realistic, or unique. I love just zoomin' around in a Nissan Skyline. There's nothing like racing to the car dealership, and using your last penny to purchase the best parts for your car you can, the customizing them to fit your needs, it's great! I'd recommend this game for any racing fan, or just...Anyone! It's fantastic.

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Staff review by James Gordon (Date unavailable)

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