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Final Fantasy III (SNES) artwork

Final Fantasy III (SNES) review

"I'd have to say that the sound quality is also good for 16-bit, and makes the game much better over all. The sound really sets the mood in this game, and I think that it has the same victory music as FFVII, FFV, and FFVII."

This has to be matched with my favorite RPG ever...(Xenogears.) I first played this game about 4 years ago, and it was the one game that really introduced me to the whole RPG craze. With stunning 16-bit graphics, a cast of stunning characters, and extremely involving gameplay and story, this game turns out to be just about my favorite game in the history of gaming.

The graphics in this were excellent back in the 16-bit days. Expect the graphics to look something like those of Lufia II or Chrono Trigger. Some of the graphics in this look even better than certain 32-bit games, which is fantastic. The graphics in this game bring a whole new meaning to 16-bit; they're probably some of the best graphics on a SNES game.

The sound in this game was also phenomenal. Just like most of the other Final Fantasy titles, the sound in this is quite memorable, and features several different styles of music. I'd have to say that the sound quality is also good for 16-bit, and makes the game much better over all. The sound really sets the mood in this game, and I think that it has the same victory music as FFVII, FFV, and FFVII.

But it's the story in this game is what really drew me in (good stories always do). The story is set in the future, and is sci-fi type stuff. It is just as good as FFVII, FFVIII, and Xenogears' storylines, if not better. I really do love the storyline.

This game was also somewhat challenging. It isn't anything terribly hard, but it's good for intermediate RPG-ers. There were never any times in this game when I became overly frustrated and put the game away for a while. It was perfect in difficulty for me--not too hard, not too easy.

The fun factor in this game really engrossed me. I played for hours and hours at a time, and was still having fun. There were all types of secrets, and side quests to complete, I played longer than I originally thought I was going to. Much like the gameplay in FFVII, this is very fun.

When this game came out for SNES, it was considered by many gamers the best RPG to date. If I had to pick one reason why someone would want to keep their SNES, this would be it (I still have mine, by the way). This game took the SNES engine to the limits with graphics and sound. The storyline was also fantastic. Almost all RPG gamers would have this on their top 10 list of RPGs, while many of them would have it be #1.

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Staff review by James Gordon (Date unavailable)

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