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Metal Gear Solid (Game Boy Color) artwork

Metal Gear Solid (Game Boy Color) review

"You can still crawl on the floor, put your back against walls to hide from enemies, and use a variety of nifty gadgets and weapons to aid you in combat. This is the main area where the gameboy version of MGS shares the most similarities with the PSX version."


First of all, I'd just like to make something clear. This is NOT the same game as Metal Gear Solid for Playstation. It was originally called Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, but Konami change the name to Metal Gear Solid, in hope that it would sell more. This was a very stupid idea, in my opinion. Not only does it give players mixed messages about the game, but it doesn't give Ghost Babel the credit that it deserves. Anyway, the game is great, no matter what name it has. And I'll tell you way.


+ I found the storyline in MGS for GBC to be just as good, if not better than MGS for Playstation. It's got a couple of the same characters from the Playstation game, but also has new ones, who're equally interesting. While the storyline isn't all that original (save-the-world-or-else), it is very involving and has some great plot-twists.

+ The return of the codec! The same communication device used in MGS for Playstation is back, and is mighty-handy. Each of your companions has their own codec number, much like a phone number. When a codec number is dialed, a portrait of that character will come up next to Snake's, and their dialogue scrolls below them. I really like this format, because it allows you to talk with the characters as much as you want. They usually say a different thing, and you can actually get to know them better via codec. Not to mention the character portraits in the codec screen are spectacular.

+ The graphics are without-a-doubt impressive! They're slightly better than the graphics found in the NES Metal Gear, in the sense that the animation is smoother, and there're even some in-game cutscenes which are much nicer-looking than I thought they'd be. While Snake himself isn't very detailed, he's easy-to-control, and has very crisp animation.

+ The gameplay is still same ol' same ol', and this is a good thing. You can still crawl on the floor, put your back against walls to hide from enemies, and use a variety of nifty gadgets and weapons to aid you in combat. This is the main area where the gameboy version of MGS shares the most similarities with the PSX version. The object of the game is still the same - practice stealth to infiltrate on the enemy base, and destroy Metal Gear. Anyone who's played any of the other Metal Gear games will be right at home.

+ Very challenging gameplay. There are four difficulties, and even beating the game on easy is no simple task. It takes patience, wit, and skill to beat this game, and when you do, you can play it all over again at a different difficulty!

+ Tons of replay value. Four different difficulty levels, extra stages, 2 player vs. mode, 180 training missions... This game's got it all! I still haven't beat the game on all difficulties, but I plan to very soon.

+ 4 very cool and sinister villains. While this may not seem like such a big deal to some people, we're talking bad-ass villains here! They're cruel, and they've all got their own unique weapons. I thought the villains were sweet in this game.

+ Even the sound is good! While it's mid-quality MIDI at best, its quite a feat for a Game Boy game. You'll recognize some of the tunes from the Playstation game, and they couldn't have been done better on Game Boy!


- While I found close to no drawbacks in this game, I've spotted a few that I can maybe see some ''hardcore'' gamers getting picky over. One of them is the lack of screen room. While I thought that Konami did a very good job at bringing such a great game to the little screen, I can see people's points when they say it's awkward and annoying. Sometimes you don't see the enemies until they're right in front of you, in which case you have to run off and hide for about 15 seconds. Another one is the sometimes-flawed control. It can be a difficult task taking out enemies with your gun. I guess the reason for this is because the game is based on stealth, but even in boss battles, it can be irritating when you just keep missing.


I'd probably say this is the best game I've ever played for Game Boy, other than maybe a few classics, like Tetris and Mario. It's got it all: story, graphics, replay value, gameplay and frankly, I don't see why anyone would not enjoy this game. It's a very immersive experience, and just because it's on Game Boy doesn't make it any less of a game. For the non-believers out there, just pick this game up for $25, and you'll see what I'm talking about. Absolutely brilliant.

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Staff review by James Gordon (Date unavailable)

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