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Tsuki ~Possession~ (PC) artwork

Tsuki ~Possession~ (PC) review

"No one, and I repeat, no one said anything about urine, adult diapers, or enemas and their *ahem* forceful outbursts."

This review contains adult-oriented material. If you are a minor or easily offended, please use this link to peruse one of HonestGamers’ more appropriate reviews.

Something is growing inside Yosuke. A voice is building, clawing at his inhibitions and moral fabric, but is the voice his own? Yosuke’s life has been torn apart by the tragic loss of his parents, and he has only managed to stay afloat because of the women around him. His stepmother pays his rent, his stepsister lends a needed ear, his boss pays well despite slow business, and his teacher offers unquestionable sympathy. What better way for Yosuke to repay their caring generosity than to force them into sexual submission? So much for a card and box of chocolates. Tsuki: Possession was my first foray into the erotic world of hentai video games, and if first impressions mean anything, it will be a while before I go back.

Pornography has never been known for the creative caliber of its writing. Take the dialogue from a certain Ron Jeremy Christmas special for instance:
-Woman 1: “I’m tired of wrapping boxes.”
-Woman 2: “Speaking of boxes…”
-Enter Santa Claus
Not exactly the type of script that will win awards in the Screenwriter’s Guild, and yet it seems to work on some level with the audience. Maybe that’s why I didn’t particularly enjoy Tsuki: Possession. After all, it’s a little hard to get the old love-pump going with such factually dictated lines as, “I remove her panties,” and “I look at her cleavage.” All that’s missing is a narration by Patrick Stewart.

Actually, my dislike may have more to do with the content. The box has plenty of warnings such as, “Adults Only,” “Sexual Content,” and “Violence,” so it seemed reasonably clear what to expect. Apparently they need to add a few more warnings to the list, since I had to cover part of the screen out of sheer disgust. No one, and I repeat, no one said anything about urine, adult diapers, or enemas and their *ahem* forceful outbursts. If I wanted to see the wonders of colon cleansing I’d get a job at a nursing home. At the very least, some advance notice would have been nice. One moment two people are going at it, and the next, fluids are swelling and gushing in torrential downpours.

Then there is the matter in which Yosuke fulfills his carnal desires. He doesn’t seduce women. He binds, drugs, and even tortures them before forcing himself upon them. I could argue all day regarding the rights for freedom of expression, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. I am drawing it here. Rape should never be treated so casually and callously as it is in Tsuki. I am fully aware that this is a matter of fantasy versus reality, but promoting rape, or even treating it as anything other than morally destitute, is an absolutely repulsive act. You might argue that it’s better for a person to fulfill that desire in a video game rather than in reality. Then I say to you, that person is in serious need of psychological help to begin with.

Moral arguments aside, Tsuki fails as a game because it isn’t one. Whether it’s something as simple as Tetris, or as complex as Civilization, video games all share one defining characteristic - interaction. Tsuki is nothing more than a slideshow of images and text in which you have to continuously click the mouse to progress. Even this one bit of interaction is stripped away by the option of a “Hands Free Mode” (if you don’t know what it’s for, then you obviously didn’t heed my prior warning). The box claims that players “…make choices that change the story…” but the choices are very few and far between, and they only delay the inevitable. At one point, in mid-intercourse, your victim begs to use the restroom. Whether you choose to let her go or not, the only difference is a few lines of text, and she is forced to relieve herself right then and there in a glass beaker.

If the internet has taught me anything, it’s that someone out there, beyond my reasonable comprehension, is going to appreciate the sexual kinks that Tsuki has to offer. Well, you won’t be getting off here. Almost all of Tsuki is presented as a series of still background images. Even the majority of sex scenes are nothing more than stills with a few minutes of text to click through. It’s like flipping through month after month of National Geographic hoping to find pictures of topless tribal women, only when you find them, it’s not quite what you expected. Do yourself a favor and just go buy some real porn.

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Staff review by Brian Rowe (October 10, 2006)

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