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Tsuki ~Possession~ (PC) artwork

Tsuki ~Possession~ (PC) review

"The artwork is amateurish, the music is forgettable, and the plot is stupid. The game is filled with misogyny, degradation, cruelty, humiliation, and outright gruesomeness."

Warning: this review is potentially off-putting. The game itself is potentially off-putting, and no review I've yet found fully conveys the potentially off-putting nature of Tsuki: Possession. So it's now my sad duty to write a review that properly describes the true nature of Tsuki.

Note: when I say "potentially off-putting", what I really mean is "anyone with even a shred of decency will be repulsed by the game, but if you're morally bankrupt then you might not vomit."

Even morally bankrupt individuals shouldn't be impressed by Tsuki, unless they have little experience playing real (ie: good) hentai games. I'm talking about stuff like Welcome to Pia Carrot!, Eve Plus, Muv-Luv, and Shirotsume Souwa. Those games are good. Stuff like Do you like Horny Bunnies? and Snow Drop are not. Even the highly-regarded Kana Little Sister barely tops the line of acceptability when compared to the excellent hentai most Americaners never play.

The point is: I know what the hell I'm talking about, unlike those obese cumsacks who have only played the shit that beaches on American shores and artificially inflate Tsuki's score just because it has a few more frames of animation than Fatal Relations. I won't do that, and I'm sure as hell not going to act like it provides some deep insight into the nature of human misery. If you want insight, look to Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. THAT game talks about human self-destruction and how people sabotage their own happiness, and it does so without resorting to . . . well, you'll find out soon enough what Tsuki: Possession resorts to.

The story goes as follows: you're a guy surrounded by five girls who love, support, and nurture you. A mysterious dark force takes over your body and mind, causing you to rape and torture those caring girls. The "plot" is a chain sequence of sexually humiliating events which are beyond your control (because you're possessed). The rape and torture continues for a while. At the end, the dark force mysteriously leaves your body. A "good" or "bad" ending ensues, and then the credits roll. "Good" usually means the girl forgives you for raping her. "Bad" usually means the girl becomes a slut and/or sex slave.

Snatcher has nothing to fear from the likes of Tsuki.

At its core, Tsuki is a digital novel that tricks you into thinking you can control the flow of the story. In reality, most choices produce the same short-term outcome. The impact of the choices primarily affect the game's ending: if you've chosen correctly at each point, you'll get the "good" ending. If you chose incorrectly at some point then you'll get the "bad" ending. Worth noting: none of the bad endings result in any kind of physical or mental harm to the protagonist. They only result in harm to the girls, as though they didn't experience enough torment . . . oh that's right, you don't really know about the torment yet, because other reviewers skim over that part. Don't worry. We'll get to the torment.

Note: The "correct" choices really have nothing at all to do with the girls' personalities. Sometimes you're supposed to treat a girl badly, and sometimes you're supposed to try to be nice (although the "possession" will still force you to treat her badly anyways).

Tsuki basically amounts to an unalterable story (unless you count the decision between "cum inside her mouth" or "cum on her face" as an alteration) accompanied by a bunch of still pictures. Even with the visuals, the dumb developers dropped their balls. Whether the artist lacks knowledge of facial structure or whether he's just blatantly disregarding the rules is uncertain -- but the faces are way too long and misproportioned. The coloration is nice (although basic), but the character designs are amateurish. I've seen a lot of hentai games with beautiful artwork. Even lackluster but high-budget games like Princess Holiday are gorgeous, once again supporting my theory that the US only gets the shittiest, cheapest porn games.

Every now and then, a sex scene has a little five-second loop of animation. WOW IT HAS ANIMATION. You might think that special, if you hadn't seen the frenetic and stylish Muvluv or the superb "Floating Frame Director" technique of Quartett. But again, those are real hentai games, and idiots who take Tsuki seriously obviously haven't played any of those.

So no one with any degree of gaming experience -- whether they be moral, immoral, or amoral -- should be impressed by Tsuki: Possession. On the topic of morality . . . judging from the wails of gamers who are ready and willing to strangle Tominobu Itagaki for the Dead or Alive series, a lot of people out there adhere to some pretty strong values when it comes to the treatment of females in video games.

You want to complain about female exploitation? Then stop whining about Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. THAT game treats the female body as something beautiful -- as something to be admired, honored, and decorated in cute bikinis. If you want to complain about female exploitation, take a look at THIS game. Tsuki: Possession exploits females and, as a bonus, you won't be penalized for it! In fact, the girls will love you even more! Yeah that's right, the way to win a lady's heart is to shove a needle up her ass, pump in a few gallons of enema, and balloon her belly to three times its normal size. She'll forgive you (after all, you were "possessed") and become your love bunny down the road. Maybe you'll even have a kid. Who knows -- if it's a little girl, you might get "possessed" again ten years down the road and molest her, too.

If you do manage to screw up and get a bad ending, don't worry. With a single exception, the bad endings mostly go along the lines of "You move on and lead a normal life, but the girl can't deal with the pain and becomes a whore. You walk in on her and see four men screwing her." At this point, an explicit orgy scene ensues and the game ends.

Wow, what a fucking gutwrenching finale. I'm sure the entire population of male gamers would really regret treating the girl like shit after being punished with an orgy scene.

. . . . .

Anyone up for a light and refreshing game of beach volleyball? I sure as hell know I am.

Let's now consider the highschool class representative, who looks to be about fifteen years old. Yes, in this game you fuck a fifteen-year-old girl. Well, maybe she's fourteen. It's hard to tell for sure, and the game doesn't say (probably to avoid infringing on any state or municipal anti-pornography laws). So you screw this obviously underage girl on top of a highschool desk and spray a ridiculous amount of spooge across her face, hair, arms, and breasts.

Just in case you weren't already offended, the girl starts bleeding. From down there.

This "virginal proof" has become a disturbingly common trend in recent hentai games. There are a lot of supposedly-sexual things in this game that gross me out (sorry, but girls spewing diarrhea in my face doesn't turn me on) but when game-makers start using blood -- of any sort -- as a sexual stimulant, that's dangerous territory. There are already enough perverted freaks out there and we don't need people getting off on the sight of a young girl's blood. Even WWE wrestling never lets the women bleed on TV. But the girls bleed in Tsuki, and it's supposed to be sexy.

It doesn't stop with bloody vaginal discharge -- Tsuki is psychologically offensive, too. Even though you make the class rep wear a vibrator during the day, and even though you force her to wear slave attire during school ("no one will realize it's a dog collar -- it's just a choker"), she'll forgive you. If you get the good ending, you'll live happily ever after once the demon stops possessing your soul. If you get the bad ending . . . then you'll turn out okay (the demon still leaves), but the girl will enter a near-comatose state and become unable to function in society. But that's to be expected. Males are strong and mighty, whereas females are mentally infirm!

By the way, you can't be nice to the girl. Suppose, for example, that you've shoved a vibrator in Miss Class Rep's cootch during a between-class break. Now you're back in the middle of class (we'll call it Biology, hur hur hur). The two options presented are:

1) Turn the vibrator to "high".
2) Leave her alone.

If you pick option 1, the results are obvious. She starts gushing liquid right in the middle of class, to her embarrassment and the protagonist's delight. If you pick option 2, the game informs you some variant of the following: "That wouldn't be any fun. You turn the vibrator to high speed." Then she starts gushing liquid right in the middle of class, to her embarrassment and the protagonist's delight.

So, whenever you choose not to enemize, molest, or torment a girl, don't be surprised if "the blackness in your soul wells up" and forces you to be evil despite your best efforts. After all, you're possessed! You can't control your actions! It's not your fault that you turned your stepmother into a showpiece for your horny highschool classmates!

"Hey guys, come over to my house later. Once you're done anally raping my mom, I'll let you jerk off and spray cum all over her body. It'll be a blast!"

And your half-sister? Yeah, you'll molest her. You'll fondle her in public on the train. You'll force her to play tennis at school without wearing panties. And you'll jizz all over her face (and her mother's face) right after ignoring her cries of "No! No!" and raping her in a public park. But that's okay. She'll forgive you, because she recognizes that deep down you love her. You can't be held responsible for actions you committed while possessed!

Note: Not being able to control your own actions is a stupid premise for a video game.

So we've got a digital comic with only a few decisions to make. Those decisions barely make a damn difference, and the "right" decisions are totally arbitrary and not at all based on any identifiable factors. The artwork is amateurish, the music is forgettable, and the plot is stupid. The game is filled with misogyny, degradation, cruelty, humiliation, and outright gruesomeness. Oh, and none of it is the fault of the "hero"; everything is blamed on the unexplained dark force that inhabits his body.

"Six" my ass; this game gets a one.


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Staff review by Zigfried (July 03, 2004)

Zigfried likes writing about whales and angry seamen, and often does so at the local pub.

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