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Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure (Game Boy Advance) artwork

Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure (Game Boy Advance) review

"A Tony Hawk's Pro Skater copy, but with Disney characters? "

A Tony Hawk's Pro Skater copy, but with Disney characters?

Gameplay 70%

As you could expect from a game that has the word skate in its title, you basically skate around large open areas using Disney characters and gain points for performing complicated moves. There's plenty to do in Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure and it's got a lot of good points that make it entertaining but you'll likely be disappointed by the number of tracks you can choose from and the repetitiveness of the goals. There are 3 different levels you can skate around but 2 of them are similar so this almost kills the game right from the start. Two of them are in the jungle and Savannah (Tarzan and Lion King) and the third one is in Andy's bedroom (Toys Story). They are all quite bland and empty, but there's hopefully quite a large selection of things to do.

What is interesting about the gameplay of Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure is the fact that you not only skate and perform tricks to earn points, but there are also some goals to achieve in each levels to gain various skills. You can encounter some characters in the levels and talk with them. They each give you some missions (basically collecting a certain number of items while skating before the time runs out or jumping over ramps) and when you have completed enough goals, other sections of the level open up so you can skate in a larger area. You obviously also have to make points with tricks and can also find hidden items around the tracks to learn new skills.

When you complete every mission in a track, you get a special skill. The missions aren't really hard, they're quite easy, but some will require you to perform very hard tricks and to master the game before completing them. Each level has 3 different tracks but all tracks are the same, only the goals change so it can become really repetitive to always skate in the same areas. When you complete the first track of the level, you can then access the new goals of the second track and their difficulty increase.

You can choose from different characters in each level, each having different stats like speed or balance. For the Lion King level, you can choose Simba or Nala, for Tarzan, young Tarzan or Terk the gorilla and for Toys Story, Buzz Lightyear, Woody or Jessie. It's nice having a selection of different characters to choose from, but as if they knew the game was going to be short because of the lack of variety, they force you complete each level with every character. Let's say you completed all goals and all tracks in the Lion King level with Simba. Well, now you have to do it all over again with Nala. Why not adding a fourth level rather than forcing the player to replay the same level with another character?

The controls are quite hard to learn at first, you can only move the character around with left or right on the pad and you can also jump with B and use special moves with A. After a while playing, you should get the hang of it and it should be no problem. There's a large variety of tricks and moves to perform and the points system is very well done. The tracks are filled with ramps, poles and many other obstacles to jump over. The game could take you some time to master and complete so you should have enough for a while with this. There also are some mini-games, different modes and it supports two players.

Graphics 70%

This really is nothing to get excited about. The level design is quite simple, way too simple in fact, and most of the tracks are very bland and empty. The environment is detailed enough and has its nice touches, but despite the levels are large, the same graphics are always re utilized for the whole level so you'll get bored from this pretty fast. The characters aren't very detailed even if you can tell which one is which and the skateboards are all but impressive. There are also some times when you're not sure if the weird thing you see there is a ramp to skate on or just a different color of grass. The top view perspective is very flat and unclear.

Audio 70%

There's not much to say as there's not much to hear. There are only 3 different music tracks to listen at, one for each level. Talk about repetitive. Not that the music isn't good, it's above average, but there could at least have been 3 different music for one level (one per skate track). The music is decent but not catchy enough, skating while hearing that won't really help you. The sounds limit themselves to the cry of the character when he falls off the board and the sound of your skate crashing. There are also some animal cries in Tarzan's level. In overall, it all sounds good but not enough, there's no variety at all.

Overall 70%

Good for beginners and for kids, but if you're looking for something more extreme, you should turn around and pick up any Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game.

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Community review by wishingtikal (September 06, 2003)

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