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Krusty's Super Funhouse (Genesis) artwork

Krusty's Super Funhouse (Genesis) review

"This is the kind of game that has good ideas in and could have been very good but isn't because the good ideas haven't been put to full potential or they went in the wrong direction. I feel sorry for this game, it could have been great. "

This is the kind of game that has good ideas in and could have been very good but isn't because the good ideas haven't been put to full potential or they went in the wrong direction. I feel sorry for this game, it could have been great.

Story -5/10

Mice have invaded Krusty's house so he wants to kill them. You enter each room of the house and help the mice to get into the traps to get killed (are the mice stupid or something?).

Graphics -6/10

My eyes hurt... too... colorful... and I'm not saying this as a joke! The whole game looks like a big blur of ugly colors all mixed together to give the game a 'happy' look. You see, I think you will agree with me, a wall made of blue and green squares isn't good looking. Not even in your garage. Another time, it'll be a red wall with big yellow stars on. The next time, a black wall with orange stripes. This is ugly, really. These are the backgrounds you will often come across in the game. There are some posters on the walls too, mostly doughnuts publicity or Moe's bar posters. Krusty's character model is a little weird but most of the enemies look good. Strangely, only the Martians enemies looked really bad. Maybe this was on purpose... Also, everything seems like it was twice as big as it was meant to be. The mice actually are almost the same size as Krusty. Mutant mice maybe ? The only level that was fine looking was the last one, which was outside. Or maybe it was just an impression since it differed from the ugly walls of the house.

Music/Sounds -3/10

Just the though of it gives me a chill. I'm telling you this really honestly: this is the worst music I have ever heard in any video game. There are 5 different soundtracks in the whole game, one for each level. It varies from techno circus music to techno space music and similar things. The same music track will play from 1 hour to 1 hour and a half, depending on how much time it takes you to clear the level. If only it was good... but it isn't, sadly. You will want to take off that little grin on Krusty's face everytimes the track repeats itself. The sounds are decent, weird, but decent. You can even hear the sound of the mice being squished under a hammer.

Gameplay -6/10

The goal of all the levels is to use blocks and other things and place them at the right place to create a path for the mice to get into a big trap that will kill them. It's a nice idea, it was fun at first when I started playing, but then became a real pain as the difficulty increased incredibly fast. In the first few levels, you simply had to pick up a block and place it so the mice could advance further in the level. You could also collect some unnecessary things. Then, it became really too hard. The levels are really huge and long to explore all paths. Later, you have a lot of blocks and items to place and it's hard to guess where to place them all. Sometimes, if you place the block at the wrong place and cannot take it back, you have to start back the level ! A little error can be fatal. You have to think before acting so there's no place for errors which is very annoying after a while. The puzzles require you to think like mad and it's not fun anymore. Some games use puzzles and are very interesting in the way you want to know how to solve them but in Krusty's super fun house, you don't even want to know how to finish the level, you want to skip it. No interesting puzzles, only boring and difficult ones.

There is a rather large number of 'blocks' you can get in the game to solve puzzles, hopefully. The first blocks you will encounter are the normal blue blocks, you simply pick them and place them. Then, you can get pipe pieces to complete pipes so the mice can go through, springs to reach high places, jars to put a mouse inside and bring it somewhere and barrels you can kick. You will also encounter lilac blocks which you can kick to get extra items to collect points but I doubt there's a real purpose to that. You could explore the entire levels to find all the items but it's too boring so you'll mainly only want to kill the mice and get out of the level.

There are 5 levels in total but each level has like 10 or more sub-levels! That's huge and most won't even want to finish the second level as it becomes too tedious and long. The themes for the levels are bland and make the game always feel the same way, like nothing never really change from level 1 to level 4 except the difficulty. There's a level in colorful rooms, one in factory-like rooms, one in playroom-like rooms, garage-like rooms and backyard. The backyard is the only one that has a different feel, but is the hardest.

The controls of the game are ok but Krusty jumps like he weights 1 kg or something. He almost floats in the air while jumping! Another bothering thing is that you can get hit, but have no life meter to indicate you how much energy you have left. Krusty will look tired when he's low on health, but that's the only way to know...

Overall -6/10

I don't really know what to tell you. Borrow it from a friend and play the first level. You don't need to play more than that.

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Community review by wishingtikal (September 06, 2003)

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