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DecapAttack (Genesis) artwork

DecapAttack (Genesis) review

"This game has a style similar to Earthworm Jim, without being better or worst. It all depends on your tastes. "

This game has a style similar to Earthworm Jim, without being better or worst. It all depends on your tastes.

STORY -8/10

I guess you could say it's original. Max DeCap wants to control Body Island (which has the shape of a body..) by removing all the parts of Body Island (7 in total). So a scientist, Dr Frank N. Stein, creates a creature to stop DeCap. But the problem is that something went wrong and the creature has a body with no head on his shoulders.. Instead, the head is inside the body..


The graphics are OK. They go well along the dark feel of the game but the thing is that it's always the same. In each worlds, it's almost always the same background, the same feel. You don't feel like you've changed worlds. You don't really feel like something has changed. A little more variety please...


Same problem as the graphics. Always, almost the same music in each levels. Even in each worlds.. the music is good, it's creepy and it goes with the graphics but where's the diversity ? It becomes repetitive and almost boring. The music when you die is great though. The sounds are nice too, they fit well in the gloomy world of Body Island.


It's original here too. You have to go in each worlds (the 7 parts of Body Island) and complete the 3 levels inside each and beat the weird boss so that the part will stuck again on the body part of Body Island. Once you complete all worlds, all the parts will be back on Body Island, and that's what you want. But beating the boss isn't enough to clear a level, you also have to find a special item hidden through the level to access the next world, so if you missed it, you have to go back and find it. It can be annoying. After each boss, there is a fun bonus mini game where you can get items or extra lives. You set up a character in front of one of the 5 paths and they go through a small maze to find at the end, one of the item. Through the levels, you can collect many things. You can find a skull, which will replace your head and use it to throw it on enemies. If you're hit, you'll loose the head though. If you don't have the skull, you can hit your enemies by jumping twice or more on them or hit them with the face inside your body (that's weird). You can also collect potions which have all different and cool effects like, freezing the time and more. You can collect them and use them at any moment in a nice inventory. You better keep some of them for the hard boss battles. The character can also stand for a little while in the air, by moving his feet or something, it's quite useful. The enemies are nice and have all different attacks. The game is pretty hard but entertaining despite the lack of originality and diversity in the levels. It could become repetitive after a while but it's still a cool game if you're looking for something challenging.


This game does offer some nice aspects like the collectible items and so but it doesn't really offer anything new from other platformers. It's a good game but I guess there are much more better games you can get on the Genesis.

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Community review by wishingtikal (September 01, 2003)

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