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Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Quest (Genesis) artwork

Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Quest (Genesis) review

"There are 2 games in the Beauty and the Beast franchise on Genesis, Belle's Quest and Roar of the Beast. Belle's Quest is the best of the 2 but it doesn't mean it's a good game. Not at all. "

There are 2 games in the Beauty and the Beast franchise on Genesis, Belle's Quest and Roar of the Beast. Belle's Quest is the best of the 2 but it doesn't mean it's a good game. Not at all.

Story 8/10

Belle's Quest is the story from the movie. You know, Belle and the Beast fall in love despite their differences and the Beast then becomes a Prince again. The story isn't has large as the one in the movie but the essential is there, and there are some scene taken from the movie to show the story along the game (well, it was redraw for the game but it looks like the movie). I suppose the story seems better in the movie but anyway, it's obviously the same.

Graphics 8/10

I guess I should start with one of the best aspects. The graphics are looking very good for a Genesis game but the repetition of the graphics in a same level can become annoying. The level that caught my eyes at first was the first one. You're in the village and I must admit the town looked very lively and pretty real. In the background, you could see villagers walking between the houses and that gave a feel of depth to the town. The houses were really nice looking and so were the many characters from the movie, walking in the streets of the village. You could even recognize the characters, they were the same. There was even the little fountain from the movie and the many sheep. Belle's house in the background of the start of the level also looked really awesome. Belle herself looked very good, the way she moved and all. It started well and really caught my eyes but then it began to look worst. The next 2 levels were bland, repetitive and not so good looking. If you're in the wood in the second level, the level never changes. It's always the same background and the same trees for all the level. There's also a level that is in top-view where Belle dances with the Beast, you can move in all directions, that was cool looking. The last level with the snow also looked fine but the one in the castle was awfully bland. If the levels were less repetitive, I'm sure they could have done much better looking levels, I know they were able to but they didn't do it. After seeing the nice looking first level, I was very disappointed by the rest.

Music/Sounds 9/10

This was good too. The music was the exact same as in the movie. Every level has a nice music from the movie. The first level, in the village, had the music from the village music, the same as in the movie. Sure, it didn't sound exactly as good, but it was well done. If you're in the ballroom, the ballroom music from the movie, etc. The last level had good music too even if it didn't really fit the level itself. I really liked the music in the game, except maybe for the one in the castle. The sounds were for the most part pretty absent despite Belle made a little cry every time she was hit. She had the same voice as in the movie, that's nice.

Gameplay 4/10

There are some good ideas for the gameplay of the game but it seems like the developers didn't expand their ideas enough so the game looks like it was rushed or something. The game is a side-scrolling but I wouldn't call it a platform game. When I started the first level, I saw we could interact with the villagers, play a mini-game in the book shop, hide from Gaston and such, so I though ''Cool, it has to be an adventure game with puzzles or something, it'll be nice'', but no, it wasn't what I though. To get to the second level, you had to talk with Gaston, answer the right responses to his questions, so he would move a boulder out of your way to go to level 2. It was really fine until then. Then, from this moment on, it became awful. You had to jump on water-lilies over the lake to reach the other side but it was so hard, despite it looked simple. I almost got game over just by doing that. Then, the second level was a maze in the woods, you had to find the right path to find the exit... it was tedious. The third level was another maze, you get keys in the castle and open doors until you reach the end. This is the most boring thing I have ever done in my entire life. The level was long, tedious, boring and bland, graphically.

And there's a thing I didn't tell you. Belle has no attack. Not a single attack. And yes, there are enemies in the levels, but you can't kill them. Belle can do 3 things; bent down, jump and pick up things on the floor. So if there's a rat, you jump over it. If there's a bat, you kneel to avoid it. The hard thing is when there's a rat, then 2 bats, then a rat, then.. so it means you have to kneel, jump, kneel, jump. It was awful.

The last level (yes, there are only 4 levels in the entire game and no boss), had to be my favorite. This one was fun, but sadly, very difficult like the other ones. You are riding Belle's horse in the snowy woods and must avoid traps, pits, etc... I guess what I liked was that it was the only level where you could go fast. Belle is pretty slow and the levels boring and long, so that explains it all.

There's also a mini-game where you dance with the Beast in the ballroom... They dance and you move them around to pick up flower petals that fall from the ceiling. You have to play that pointless mini-game twice ! I was really ashamed of playing that at this very moment, really. Other than that, Belle has some health (a lot but not enough for the hard levels...) and you have to pick up books on the ground to replenish your health. Now you know everything about the game, there's nothing more to it.

Overall 5/10

I'd say the game would be for kids, that is for sure but it's sometimes so not fun and hard that I'm not even sure a kid would like it. Only hardcore gamers would be able to finish the game but do you really think hardcore gamers would want to play a game where you have to dance with the Beast in a ballroom ?

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Community review by wishingtikal (September 01, 2003)

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