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Evolution Worlds (GameCube) artwork

Evolution Worlds (GameCube) review

"If you like dungeon crawlers, you'll like this one but if not, forget about it ! This game is supposed to be a compilation of both Dreamcast games, Evolution 1 & 2 but don't expect to play the two full games since more than half of Evolution 1 is missing from the game. However, Evolution 2 is complete. It's not a big deal since Evolution 2 is way better than Evolution 1 but still, it shortens a lot the game which is already pretty short for a RPG. So you get like 25% of Evolution 1 plus all Evol..."

If you like dungeon crawlers, you'll like this one but if not, forget about it ! This game is supposed to be a compilation of both Dreamcast games, Evolution 1 & 2 but don't expect to play the two full games since more than half of Evolution 1 is missing from the game. However, Evolution 2 is complete. It's not a big deal since Evolution 2 is way better than Evolution 1 but still, it shortens a lot the game which is already pretty short for a RPG. So you get like 25% of Evolution 1 plus all Evolution 2 fused together in one game, one story. I'll try to cover every aspects of the game (which doesn't really shine in any aspects...).

Story: 70%
Uh...Nothing big here. But I won't give it a lower score since you can't really expect a deep story from a dungeon crawling RPG. The story may seem a little boring at first but it gets much more interesting as the game progresses. When new and mysterious characters will show up, you'll get to think that the game's story line isn't that bad after all. I can't spoil you and you don't want me to so here goes the main story; you are a young adventurer like your father who disappeared a while ago while looking for Evolutia, the legendary Cyframe. You are a Cyframe user -which is a robot part you can use to fight- and you get assignments from the Society to clear up ruins and get money. It appears that the 8th Empire Army is also looking for Evolutia... But like I said earlier, the story gets more interesting later on. What disappointed me the most was that you never get to learn why Mag's father has disappeared...

Graphics: 70%
That really isn't the best aspect of the game... Since this game used to be a DC game before, don't expect much from the graphics. If it were still a DC game, I would have gave it a nice 90% but, hey, Gamecube can do better than this... It seems like there weren't big changes made on the graphics since the DC version. Cities have nice textures but, god, the dungeons ! Each dungeon has its own design but it's always the same through 10 floors so the poor textures get boring pretty fast. You'll get bored of always seeing the same thing during 1 hour. And as it wasn't enough, all the dungeons have almost the same textures but with some changes and different colors. If we're to see the same textures over and over through 15 floors, they could at least have done it better. Though, spells and attacks during fights are really well done. Animations and main characters all look sweet and cute but other characters, though, do look bad. Enemies are so-so, some are great, some aren't at all. They could have been done better since we always see the same enemies over again through lots of dungeons. They aren't really original either. Bosses do look really awesome though ! There are some nice FMVs along the story too despite much of the rest are so-so real-times.

Music/Sound: 80%
It gets *a little* better here. Although you always listen to the same music in almost each dungeons, there is been a great job done here. Each music really fits the dungeons well. The music really is nice at first but you'll get a little bored from it since you'll listen often to the same one. More different music themes would have been a great add. But the music in dungeons is sometimes so low you'll end up to not even notice it. Other music themes outside dungeons, like in towns, rocks though. Sound is well done too, the enemies make sounds while attacking as your characters speak while attacking and receiving damages. When hit or while attacking, some characters will say such things as ''I can't believe it!'', ''Hey, that hurts!'' or ''Take that!'' etc. It may get on the nerves after a while but anyway, it's cute. Though the Japanese voices would have been great to keep, the English ones aren't so bad either. Each character has his own voice. You'll sometimes come to see a character who talks without having his mouth moving which is pretty weird but anyway, there are few of these characters.

Gameplay: 70%
It's good and not at the same time. It's a dungeon crawler RPG so don't expect much from it. First, the controls are just perfect, in combats as well as in dungeons. Everything is just fine and you can also jump which is nice even if you won't really use that.... You can change the buttons for the controls but I don't see why you would want to. You play as Mag and you'll have Linear, a cute and quiet girl following you around in your adventures. On each of your adventures you can invite a friend -Pepper, Gre or Chain- to come along with you. Your party will never exceed 3 members. You can upgrade the Cyframes of your party members and add parts found in dungeons so you can learn new skills. Dungeons are really repetitive and sometimes boring. Some have 10 floors, other 20 floors. You can spend easily 1 hour in a 10 floors dungeon so that's why it can get pretty boring since each floor is the same as the previous one except some different layout. Fights can get pretty boring too since you will often be battling with the same enemies over at least 10 floors. There are treasure chests, traps and enemies set randomly on each floor of the dungeons. Nothing more. There are sometimes some doors blocking your way in hallways or warp pads that warp you somewhere else later in the game. That's all. When I say the dungeons are repetitive, it's because they are. You see the enemies when you are in the same room as them so you can avoid combat. On the top floor of each dungeon is a boss you must defeat. So the thing is to level up your characters, collect appraisal items and beat a boss. That's it. The map of the floor you are on appears on the screen to show you where you have been or not (the map appears while you walk), where are chests and enemies. You can change the disposition of the map, a nice add. You must find the stairs to the next floor until you reach the boss and beat it. Then you receive money from the Society and can go buy armors and items.

Longevity: 60%
You can finish this game in less than 25 hours which isn't very long for a RPG. If you take your time to level up your party and collect items, it can last you longer and even twice. With 3 towns and 7 dungeons, don't expect the big adventure some other RPGs would give you. When you finish the game, you can try to find the 200 appraisal items as a side quest to pay back all your debts to the Society and get a special item. You could also try the Top Hunter Mode in your second time through the game. This is all the game has to offer as a replay value.

Overall: 70%
You can't save or leave in certain dungeons so make sure you have a nice 1 hour or more of free time ahead to spend in a dungeon before going in. There is also load times in this game. Each time you enter a fight/dungeon/shop or leave a fight etc. They are short but there are a lot of them... Also, the menus are a bit disappointing. At least you can change their color. The title screen is disappointing too... But well, no big deal.

If you played Dokapon on the GBA and liked it, it is likely you will also like Evolution Worlds. Otherwise, don't even think about it. There is some flaws in this game but it is still fun and enjoyable if you like that type of RPG. Don't buy this game if you already have Evolution 1 and Evolution 2 on DC. I suggest you renting this game since you can beat it in one rental but if you think this is the game of your dreams, then go ahead, buy it. I hope you have a better idea of what this game exactly is now.

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Community review by wishingtikal (August 10, 2003)

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