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Shadow Madness (PlayStation) artwork

Shadow Madness (PlayStation) review

"The story in this game is its peak. It's quite good, actually. It's about a plague, and well... a plague. It doesn't sound like much, but it really does prove to be involving, and somewhat suspenseful."

A game that should've been good, but turned out to be fairly crappy. Glichy graphics, sub-stellar sound, mediocre FMV...

The graphics in this game are ok... They're the same ''style'' as FF7, but the characters' faces don't have nearly the detail in them. Also, they don't run very smoothly, and there are little gliches here and there, which become very annoying. The graphics in this game seem rushed, and somewhat sloppy. They weren't unbearable, but not too eye-pleasing either.

The sound in this game was all right... But, nothing too special. It's kinda just standard, but no moving or beautiful songs. Nowhere near Square quality.

The story in this game is its peak. It's quite good, actually. It's about a plague, and well... a plague. It doesn't sound like much, but it really does prove to be involving, and somewhat suspenseful. This was the only part of the game that wasn't bad... It was actually good.

This game was extremely easy in some parts, and very hard in others. There were waaay too many random battles, which made it frustrating to move around.

This game wasn't too fun... The battle engine was faulty, and in some cases, just plain old frustrating. The world map is pathetic, and the cutscenes are sad. All of these elements made the game less fun.

The game seems rushed. That is its main problem. The graphics were glichy, and could have used work. The sound was boring, and nothing special. The cinemas were quite pathetic, the gameplay horrible at times. The storyline is the only part of this game that makes it score above a 5.5 in my book... the storyline's actually good. If you can look past all the sh-t that's wrong with this game, and focus only on the involving storyline, you might want to buy it.... Maybe.

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Staff review by James Gordon (Date unavailable)

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