Does Capcom deserve to exist?
February 16, 2016

After the complete and utter debacle of Street Fighter V, I'm thinking the best outcome would be for some non-crap company to buy Capcom out and start making some actual good games from their IPs.

Sorry if you clicked on this expecting something more verbose.

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joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - February 16, 2016 (08:49 PM)
What's wrong with SFV?
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - February 16, 2016 (09:15 PM)
I've been saying that for a while. I miss DMC, Mega Man, and Breath of Fire. Konami, too.
honestgamer honestgamer - February 16, 2016 (09:42 PM)
Joseph, there are NUMEROUS problems with Street Fighter V. There's no single-player Arcade mode. There are story "prologues" you can play in single-player, but the AI is set to IGNORAMUS with no way to get a difficult fight out of it, and the fights last only one round. There literally is no current way to play traditional best-of-3 matches against the AI, competent or otherwise. You have to play against a local human opponent, or you have to go online.

My suspicion is that large parts of the game just aren't finished. I bet AI hasn't even been close to finalized. A big Story mode is supposedly coming in 2 months. I don't know if that will include an Arcade mode. I really hope it does, because that's where I spend most of my time with Street Fighter.

Currently, you can head online for versus matches, and you have to be connected to earn virtual currency as a reward for your play, to unlock additional characters once they become available (or else you'll have to pay money for them in micro-transactions). Unfortunately, the servers keep kicking people, myself included. Since there's nothing worthwhile to fall back on in single-player, it hurts.

Street Fighter V has the makings of a spectacular game. It's clear that the teams at Capcom are still capable of making spectacular games. The business side of things--probably Capcom's finances, in particular, which are only just now on the rebound--won't let them. Does Capcom deserve to exist? Yes, I think it does... but it needs to finish getting through this last part of its extended rough patch if it is to survive with its reputation in tact. Street Fighter V is an enormous black eye, even though I have every confidence it'll be a great game within several months. I regret that it isn't right now.
pickhut pickhut - February 17, 2016 (09:01 AM)
Apparently, too, players who quit games in ranked matches don't get penalized for it. I've read several comments about how there are players online with absurd win/loss ratios in their favor, yet play like it's their first time with a fighting game.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - February 17, 2016 (09:40 AM)
Wow, that really is bad. Almost as bad as BoF6, even.
Never3ndr Never3ndr - February 17, 2016 (02:19 PM)
I'd hazard to say that, in my opinion, the deciding factor will be exactly how much play and rotation it gets with the pros. If it falls out of favor as one of the main competitive fighting games out there, then yeah...I'd say that maybe Capcom has fumbled and we should look to a new premier fighting game franchise. However, so far they are pretty much flawless. Street Fighter II - IV has remained a competitive mainstay...I'd be exceptionally surprised if SFV is any different.
Genj Genj - February 17, 2016 (05:36 PM)
SFV is mechanically sound but clearly nowhere near finished. It basically feels like an Early Access game. Maybe they released it this early to give people time to practice before EVO?
Never3ndr Never3ndr - February 17, 2016 (08:00 PM)
I doubt it. I'd say that, given how long the game has been in development, some exec set a deadline a while ago and, instead of extending that deadline, forced them to put out the product regardless. Honestly, as long as the core component of the game mechanics are intact it shouldn't really make a big difference (figuring they fix the issues). They tend to make fighting games that remain competitive for years...sometimes even over a decade (like SFII). As long as that core component of the actual fighting is fun and mechanically sound...its gold. You can easily patch in any of the icing on top of your cake.

With that said, it's going to take months (maybe years) to figure out how mechanically sound the game is.

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