My thoughts on my joke review for the challange contest and HG.
December 22, 2005

The issue I have with the recent fiasco over my joke review for the Challange Team EmP competition isn't that my review wasn't posted. I wrote it because I didn't think anyone would mind, as joke reviews have been accepted in the past. This site isn't GameSpot or IGN; it's a small site with a close-knit community that I assumed would be more accepting of silliness, as many of its well-respected members have posted joke reviews before and were lauded for their efforts. I don't mind the fact that I've apparently crossed the line, even if I disagree with where it's placed.

What I have a problem with is the unprofessional way in which the matter was handled. Since apparently HG is now a serious site, its administration should have reflected that. The matter should have been handled privately instead of being discussed on the board by Zigfried. Also, he knew what I was doing several hours before I submitted my review and made no effort to contact me about it despite his determination to make sure it wasn't posted, which I also take issue with.

The fact that I mentioned my review in the review submission topic wasn't an excuse to "call me out." It would have been just as effective and far more appropriate to inform me of the situation via e-mail or HG mail.

That said, I think the place where HG draws the line on joke reviews makes no sense. Certain other submissions clearly detract from the seriousness of the site, submissions that would never be accepted at another site like GameFAQs; making up a game isn't exactly that much worse. Besides, GUTS's Test of Fire was up for three or four months before it was deleted, so apparently it isn't that big a problem.

Either HG is a serious review site or it isn't. Either reviews that aren't serious should be condoned or they shouldn't. Make up your minds.

Edit: Zig and I have worked the situation out. My main issue has been resolved.

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midwinter midwinter - December 23, 2005 (09:47 PM)
The Test of Fire review you mentioned was removed the moment it was discovered. Saying it was there for four months and claiming a precedent won't win you that arguement Mint. The sad fact of the matter is this, some staff think its funny to post things like that, but that doesn't make them right.
EmP EmP - December 24, 2005 (07:12 AM)
Not quite, Mid; that review sat on site for ages, even when people knew of its joke status. It was this fact that prompted Zig to contioulsy ask "Why isn't it down yet?" like the grey dullster he is! Even then, Venter was hesitent to do so and made lacky Boo do it!

But I feel her point is being missed somewhat. She's more rightfully annoyed on the unprofessional way the whole situation was handled. For a site that wants to take such a professional stance on everything, this incident was counter-productive at best.

You can't preach professional values and then handle things the way they were handled. It only makes tis 'brave new attitude' seem like an ideal and not a practice; to be employed randomly rather then being the norm. Until this is rectified, how is anyone suposed to stake this stance with even an iota of seriousness?
viridian_moon viridian_moon - December 24, 2005 (07:32 AM)
That's not what I heard happened, Mid, but that wasn't the point. The point was that there are some reviews that are clearly not serious reviews up on the site right now, and it makes no sense to allow some joke reviews and forbid others. HG is doing this "professionalism" thing by halves; it needs to decide whether non-serious reviews will be accepted or not.

But even that wasn't the real problem I had with the situation, just a side note. I was miffed by the unproffesional handling of the situation, but Zig and I have it worked out now.
midwinter midwinter - December 24, 2005 (07:59 AM)
You know EmP, I can't argue with you mate. If I had a dollar every time I had to step in and stop a staff member from doing something stupid (like posting such a review) I'd be a rich man. I think though, and blu knows this, with his leaving the site, you'll find that the rest of the team has a enough maturity to ensure such things don't happen again. Most of the problems I had with unprofessional behavior stemmed from something blu was involved in, so hopefully things will get better rather shortly.

All I can really say though is this: these are simply growing pains. HG is going through its adolesence (spelling?) at the moment, and eventually it will mature. We live and learn by our mistakes, and sincerly hope not to repeat them in the future.

To Mint, on the behalf of everyone at HG, I offer my sincerest apologies. Things could have been handled better yes, and they will next time. I only ask now that you learn from this too, and don't expect a staff member to post such a review again. We're here to talk games, live games, and hopefully play a few while we're at it. This should be fun, not stressful and hate inducing...

Peace to all, and let's put this behind us.
EmP EmP - December 24, 2005 (11:45 AM)
It should be noted that it was I that originally created the [now deleted] game info, and I that intended to accept the review. Boo can't shoulder the responceability for this and if blame is to be leveled, it is to be leveled at me.

As stands, I am happy the situation is resolved and all parties are content. I'm glad to see a peaceful conclusion to the procedings.

[Edit: someone fix this weird post order bug!}
Genj Genj - December 24, 2005 (02:14 PM)
EmP, it's not exactly a bug persay (as far as I know). Your post appears directly under the message that you replied to (i.e. the message with the link you clicked). That's why I usually just reply to the last message.
bluberry bluberry - December 27, 2005 (04:58 PM)
"The Test of Fire review you mentioned was removed the moment it was discovered."

My fat white ass it was.

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