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A New Year!
January 06, 2009

This means more procrastination on my end. But, I do have some projects I'm gonna try to get done, and even getting one of this lot done would be a triumph. These are pretty much my nemeses, and everytime I want to write for it, I break down and weep like a nancyboy!

- Tactics Ogre
- Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis
- Ogre Battle 64
- Wild ARMs 3



Choo-choo, here comes the eBay truck
November 10, 2008

So, I realized I hadn't gotten a PSX game in quite awhile and decided to go all out as an early Christmas present. I'd actually never used eBay before and it was a pretty fun experience, although I'm generally two impatient to wait several days just to lose at the last second. :p

[PSX] - Koudelka
[PSX] - Tactics Ogre
[PSX] - Ape Escape
[PSX] - Juggernaut
[PSX] - Parasite Eve
[PSX] - Tail Concerto
[PSX] - Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman
[PSX] - Quake II
[PSX] - Kagero: Deception II
[PSX] - The Unholy War
[PS2] - Myst III: Exile
[PSX] - Front Mission 4
[N64] - Perfect Dark
[N64] - Jet Force Gemini + Pokemon Snap

There were a few others I had my sights on (Wild Arms, Myst, D, Silent Hill, Steel Reign) but overall pretty good load. Next time there needs to be more Ace Combat-ness, though!


July 06, 2008

After four years of not playing (still that burnt out), time to write-up my most favoritest game ever in the whole world. Should adventure.


Arc the Lad 2
May 17, 2008

After overcoming the "boring point" that's caused my efforts to taper off twice, this thing's finally underway in a major...way. This is my white whale!


April 17, 2008

So I finally saw the movie yesterday -- it's a cult classic and stuff, after all. Pretty good despite some pretty cheasy budget constraints (which don't faze me anyway). Didn't get the ending, though... Anyway, headsplodiness is always good, 'cause I never knew where that image came from.


Lunar 2 Eternal Blooo
April 14, 2008

That's next up. I was pleasantly surprised the rather simple story was told so well, and the dialogue and characters so endearing that it nearly smooths over the foreshadowing/battling problems (however slight they may be). The epilogue was also great, and the only fault I found was that the seller who cleaned all the disks left some gunk on there so it loops instead of going to the outtakes. 'Sides that, seventy well-spent dollars.

Expect guides and other crap to follow. :D


Vandal Hearts
March 15, 2008

Sure it may be rather simplistic, and sticks the player at a disadvantage in about 34/36 battles, but there's taking joy in a primative blood geyser is still something to get excited about, yeah?


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