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.::[Deadpool SiG]::.
April 28, 2007


Dance Dance Aggravation
March 30, 2007

As I mentionned in my previous blog entry, I got DDR Universe on the 360. I'm new to the series and this is my first time playing DDR. I play on Basic diffuculty and I'm not that bad. Problem is, Basic is getting a bit too easy and I can't keep up for **** on Difficult. There are just too many arrows coming at my at once and I can't keep up, even if I go into training mode and lower the speed.

Another problem is the damn Quest Mode. It's an abomination from the depths of Lucifer's playground. NOTHING is explained and you're just sort of left there to complete annoying and sometimes seemingly-impossible challenges. You completely randomly unlock songs and videos and the whole **** mode is plain broken. Other than that, the game money well spent.

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I'm not some sort of superhuman, damnit!
March 28, 2007

DDR. Wow. Fun as all hell, but I don't see how it's humanly possible to clear songs at the harder difficulties. Here are 3 ways you can clear them:

1. Have 3 or more legs. When there's a thousand steps you have to complete coming at you at blazing speed to the point where you're ready to fall dead and the dance mat is begging for mercy, having an extra leg or two isn't such a bad idea. Mutation">

2. Have either the ability to control time or super speed. Slow it down for the rest of the game and dominate with your "super speed". Or, you know, you can always adjust the game speed options to play the song slower so you have more time to complete steps. But where's the pride in that?

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Sansname is getting in shape, boys and girls.
March 25, 2007

That's right. I've decided to get in shape. I'm not super overweight or anything but I'm definitely not the weight I should be for my age. So as a first step, I bought Dance Dance Revolution Universe for the 360. I was playing it all afternoon and it's quite a blast. It's the first time I've ever played a DDR game so I'm not the greatest. I also gave up eating meat about 2 months ago, which requires me to eat alot more veggies and soy. I can proudly say I'm perfectly happy and don't crave meat at all anymore. And once I can afford it, I'm joining a gym. Let's hope all goes well and I lose some weight.


Well, it's official. Joker is the greatest villain of all time.
March 24, 2007

Here's all the proof you need:


Things I've noticed playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (XLA)
March 23, 2007

I've been playing TMNT almost non-stop since it came out on XLA. The only achievement I have yet to unlock is Turtle Soup, which requires you to defeat the Shredder without getting turned into a regular turtle. What pisses me off is that I've already pulled this off but didn't get the achievement due to what I'm guessing is a glitch. But that's not the point. Having gone through the game as many times as I have in the past week, I've noticed some things that are quite...odd.

1) Since when can Shredder clone himself and shoot lightning that turns our heroes into regular turtles? I don't remember seeing that in the cartoon, do you?

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Hell is quite lovely this time of year!
March 22, 2007

I finally watched 300. The film is simply incredible. The visual style is as unique as it gets and I've even developed a man-crush on Gerard Butler (Leonidas). The fight scenes are so well shot you'd think that we're living in a world gone mad for the lack of a console game based on this piece of bloody bliss. Then again, they'd probably f*ck it up anyway, so nevermind.

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