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You are currently looking through all reviews for games that are available on every platform the site currently covers. Below, you will find reviews written by space_dust and sorted according to date of submission, with the newest content displaying first. As many as 20 results will display per page. If you would like to try a search with different parameters, specify them below and submit a new search.

Available Reviews
Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails (Wii U)

Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails review (WIIU)

Reviewed on May 19, 2014

It never becomes a loveable fur-ball, but perseverance gradually reveals the intricacies and rhythms of Scram Kitty, transforming it into a tactical, thrilling, and ferocious challenge.
Lemmings (NES)

Lemmings review (NES)

Reviewed on May 17, 2013

There are only so many times you can listen to the Can-Can while your precious lemmings are murdered.
Commando (NES)

Commando review (NES)

Reviewed on May 11, 2013

What sets Commando apart from its contemporaries is the sheer intensity of the action
Gitaroo-Man (PlayStation 2)

Gitaroo-Man review (PS2)

Reviewed on April 21, 2013

Gitaroo Man is a dream for genre purists, and is destined to live on as a fondly remembered cult classic.
Magi Nation (Game Boy Color)

Magi Nation review (GBC)

Reviewed on April 13, 2013

Magi-Nation is a fine example of western RPG developers floundering for success in the RPG genre in the early 21st century
Bokosuka Wars (NES)

Bokosuka Wars review (NES)

Reviewed on April 09, 2013

Everybody loses when they play Bokosuka Wars.
Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed (PlayStation 3)

Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed review (PS3)

Reviewed on February 03, 2013

Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing: Transformed is a kart racer that quickly and cheerfully dispels any cynicism about the genre.
Super Hexagon (PC)

Super Hexagon review (PC)

Reviewed on January 15, 2013

Super Hexagon is a master class in single-minded vision, minimalism in design, and pure addictive compulsion.
Wrecked: Revenge Revisited (Xbox 360)

Wrecked: Revenge Revisited review (X360)

Reviewed on January 12, 2013

With three friends at your side, there are few other titles out there that’ll reveal your ugliest competitive streak quite so vividly.
Far Cry 3 (PlayStation 3)

Far Cry 3 review (PS3)

Reviewed on December 02, 2012

Far Cry 3 is a sublime open world shooter that attempts to tackle the cause of insanity in a meaningful way, with mixed success.
Need for Speed: Most Wanted [Criterion] (PlayStation 3)

Need for Speed: Most Wanted [Criterion] review (PS3)

Reviewed on November 14, 2012

Criterion attempts to make the Most Wanted game of the holiday season

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