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Crysis 2 (Xbox 360)

Crysis 2 review (X360)

Reviewed on April 18, 2011

Crysis 2 is easily worth checking out for reasons that go beyond looks (and given how long it is, thank Christ for that). Crytek grants us the ability to turn invisible, leap from the roof of a very tall building and power-kick a parked car into an enemy soldier’s face all within the span of a few seconds, and it’s for those moments that Crysis 2 doesn’t blur together with the pack of steely grey twitch shooters on the market.
Mass Effect 2: Arrival (Xbox 360)

Mass Effect 2: Arrival review (X360)

Reviewed on April 11, 2011

Arrival’s only purpose is to reiterate what we already know, which is that the Reapers are on their way and that everything we’ve done so far has only delayed the inevitable. Even a climactic encounter with Harbinger only sees him repeating what he’s been shouting at you for the entire game (and, for that matter, what Sovereign was shouting at you in the last game).
Homefront (Xbox 360)

Homefront review (X360)

Reviewed on March 29, 2011

Before we even have a gun in our hands, Kaos sends us through a Modern Warfare-esque “sit in a vehicle and watch stuff happen” introductory sequence, during which we’re shown a young couple being lined up on a busy street and shot while their crying toddler watches. By the second level, we see the corpses of American civilians being dumped by bulldozers into mass graves. Jeez. Slow burn much, Homefront?
Dragon Age II (Xbox 360)

Dragon Age II review (X360)

Reviewed on March 24, 2011

I guess people liked the origin stories in the first game so much that BioWare went ahead and made the sequel one giant origin story that cuts short just before it actually goes anywhere. It’s as if someone made a Batman movie that ended with Bruce Wayne putting on his costume for the first time.
Bulletstorm (Xbox 360)

Bulletstorm review (X360)

Reviewed on March 08, 2011

The game’s a riot, and if supposed top-tier titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops and Killzone 3 are any indication of the degree of stagnation the genre is suffering from, then Bulletstorm is exactly the kick in the nuts that mainstream gaming needs right now. Do what you wouldn’t do for MadWorld: Buy it, and tell the industry that you want more games like it.
Dead Space (Xbox 360)

Dead Space review (X360)

Reviewed on February 28, 2011

Visceral wove traditional jump shocks into a surprisingly subtle art form. They know, as you do, that horror isn’t just about making an ugly monster jump out at you; it’s also about making you think that an ugly monster is going to jump out at you, and Visceral balances these two with startling finesse.
Beat Hazard (PC)

Beat Hazard review (PC)

Reviewed on January 08, 2011

A quick glance in my iTunes library reveals that I have 4968 songs stored in my computer, for a combined total of approximately 14.2 days of music. This means, in theory, that my copy of Beat Hazard contains 4968 unique levels for a combined total of approximately 14.2 days of play time.
Killzone 2 (PlayStation 3)

Killzone 2 review (PS3)

Reviewed on November 30, 2010

Here’s a funny thing that happened when I rented Killzone 2 a year ago. I picked the game up early one Saturday afternoon and was finished with its campaign before I went to bed. The next day, I had friends over. We were looking for a decent multiplayer game to kill some time and my roommate’s LittleBigPlanet disc wasn’t working, so hey, Killzone 2! We popped the game into the console and were then dismayed to learn that Killzone 2 doesn’t have local multiplayer. Well...
Singularity (Xbox 360)

Singularity review (X360)

Reviewed on November 02, 2010

Let me set up Singularity’s opening sequence for you. The game is set in an alternate reality in which America and Russia are at war (obviously), and you’ve been sent to infiltrate a Soviet island on which our adversaries have been experimenting with a fictional ninety-ninth element called – get this – E99. Your helicopter crashes and you’re separated from your partner, and then, for some reason, you’re transported to a burning building in 1955. You pull a scientist to safety despite a sh...
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (Xbox 360)

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West review (X360)

Reviewed on October 16, 2010

Its often glaring technical mishaps are eclipsed by sheer artistic majesty. For as easy as the platforming is, the cinematic, almost Uncharted 2-esque set pieces nonetheless manage to create a sense of urgency. Despite the game’s relative simplicity – hell, I’ll settle for shallowness – I was frequently left in awe of the numerous instances in which the escort mechanic just clicks. And for all of those admittedly awful combat segments, the gripping narrative makes it worth the struggle.
Alien Swarm (PC)

Alien Swarm review (PC)

Reviewed on July 25, 2010

Alien Swarm has drawn numerous comparisons to Left 4 Dead, and not without reason. They’re both products of Valve, and they both place four players in the situation of having to fend off waves of very ugly (and very mindless) enemies, often to satisfyingly gory results. But whereas L4D’s team dynamics were its selling point, there really isn’t much more to Alien Swarm than what’s on the surface, and that’s not a bad thing at all. Sometimes it’s fun to just arm yourself with a giant minigun and pretend you’re a marine from Aliens. Sometimes it’s fun to go on a simple bug hunt.
Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

Super Mario Galaxy review (WII)

Reviewed on July 08, 2010

Here’s what you know. You know that when you tilt the analog stick, Mario will run in that direction. You know that pressing the A button makes Mario jump, and that if you land on top of a monster, that monster will disintegrate and drop a coin. You’re probably aware that Mario is frequently tasked with collecting stars, and that this endeavor will eventually lead to the rescue of Princess Peach from the clutches of the ever-persistent Bowser. These are the basics, and they are likely the only a...
Dante's Inferno (PlayStation 3)

Dante's Inferno review (PS3)

Reviewed on July 03, 2010

So here’s what happened. Someone at EA noticed that the God of War games are incredibly successful, both commercially and critically. They noticed that those games are rife with excessive gore and nudity, that they unfold in busy set pieces accompanied by shrieking choirs and wailing strings on the soundtrack, and that they’re chock full of very angry men making very loud exclamations. Let’s do that, they said. People seem to like that.
Alpha Protocol (Xbox 360)

Alpha Protocol review (X360)

Reviewed on June 21, 2010

Alpha Protocol isn’t excused of anything it does wrong. There’s the overwhelming sense here that Obsidian bypassed the game's flaws rather than fixing them. That’s almost as good, though, because it makes everything about Alpha Protocol no less than tolerable. Once the game works, once you find an approach to combat that suits you, it’s easy to ignore what the game does wrong and admire what it does right.
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Xbox 360)

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands review (X360)

Reviewed on June 12, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is the closest Ubisoft has ever come, and probably ever will come, to replicating 2003’s brilliant The Sands of Time. It certainly took them long enough to figure out that this is what we’ve always wanted; Ubisoft’s habit with this series has been to try something new, be taken aback by criticism, and then revert to formula when they realize that what they created never needed to be tampered with.
Alan Wake (Xbox 360)

Alan Wake review (X360)

Reviewed on May 31, 2010

As befits a horror story, especially one about a bestselling author, Alan Wake begins with a Stephen King quote: “Nightmares exist outside of logic, and there’s little fun to be had in explanations; they’re antithetical to the poetry of fear.” The game then promptly drops us into a dream sequence in which the title character is alone in the woods, being stalked by a crazed hitchhiker. The man warps in and out of existence as if moving by medium of shadow, seemingly propelled by some myste...
Pokémon SoulSilver Version (DS)

Pokémon SoulSilver Version review (DS)

Reviewed on May 24, 2010

I ran out and bought Pokémon SoulSilver on launch day, and it sucks that I have to describe this course of action as having “caved.” I liked it when I was able to purchase these games without feeling ashamed of myself.
Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition (Xbox 360)

Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition review (X360)

Reviewed on May 14, 2010

Zeno Clash is so aggressively bizarre that when you call it “imaginative,” you’re in danger of giving its creators more credit than they deserve. So much of what’s here strikes me as weirdness for the sake of weirdness that the game’s most beautiful or striking moments, of which there are many, may very well have turned up by complete accident.
Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360)

Left 4 Dead review (X360)

Reviewed on May 11, 2010

We were in bad shape. Two of the four people in our group were on painkillers until we could find a few actual medkits, and one of them had been pounced on and pinned down by a zombified hoodlum and probably would have been mauled to death if I hadn’t stepped in and shot the thing down. We’d been running through city streets, following markings written in spray paint by other survivors. They’d managed to set up strategically-placed safe houses all over the area designed to keep us secure from th...
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Xbox 360)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine review (X360)

Reviewed on May 09, 2010

It’s probably meaningless these days to praise a game for its wall-to-wall brutal violence, but you’ve got to give X-Men Origins: Wolverine credit for having the audacity to do what its PG-13 counterpart couldn’t. Someone must have let Marvel know that in this industry, beheadings, dismemberments and the boundless spilling of bodily fluids are precisely how you obtain mass audience appeal.

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