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Mario Kart 7 finishes its first week with 420,000 in sales

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Mario Kart 7, the latest entry in the Mario Kart series, has just released for the 3DS and has already received plenty of critical praise. It would seem the popular racing franchise still has some tread on its tires, as Mario Kart 7 has managed impressive sales numbers in only one week.

420,000 units sold in one week is nothing to shake a koopa shell at, especially when one considers that these are only the sales numbers for Japan. These numbers come from Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's CEO, who says that Mario titles are doing even better in International markets.

Such news would make any red-hatted plumber happy, but there's more. Not only have Mario's recent games sold well, but the system they feature on, the Nintendo 3DS, has sold almost three million units. In fact, more 3DS devices have been sold in eight months alone than of the DS in its first full year.

Though Nintendo seems to be doing very successfully of late, they still expect to post a loss for this fiscal year. That in mind, they expect next year will be much better. Between impressive 3DS sales and Nintendo's first party software selling like hotcakes, things are definitely looking up for the classic game company.

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Staff article by Skyler Bunderson (December 07, 2011)

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