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Hajime Tabata wants to make a sequel to 3rd Birthday

Hajime Tabata is the director for both Final Fantasy Type-0 and The 3rd Birthday, the latter of which is the third entry in the Parasite Eve franchise. It would seem Tabata has not yet tired of Aya Brea, the series' protagonist, as he's expressed an interest in continuing her story even further.

This news comes via an interview with Tabata in Famitsu, a popular Japanese gaming magazine. After claiming he isn't currently working on anything, Tabata discussed what he'd like to do, which included the aforementioned 3rd Birthday sequel. It makes sense, as it was the game he worked on before Type-0.

That in mind, he doesn't expect to be able to do another Parasite Eve game anytime soon. Rather Square Enix will likely first have him create another entry in the spin-off series Type-0 gave birth to.

This comes as no surprise. Type-0 sold almost twice as many copies as 3rd Birthday in its first week alone. Square Enix are going to focus on the properties that make them the most money, after all.

However, that is likely of little consolation for Aya's admirers. Instead, they will have to hope that Tabata will be able to return to the Parasite Eve franchise and do it justice once he finishes with the next Type-0 game.

Parasite Eve fans may find themselves waiting for a while yet. According to the interview, Square Enix has only just started on building the framework for Type-0's sequel.

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Staff article by Skyler Bunderson (December 01, 2011)

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