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Get Ready for Saints Row: The Third with Initiation Station

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Only a few weeks remain until gamers can “strap it on” and wreak havoc in Saints Row: The Third. This sandbox shooter with its tongue planted firmly in its cheek will let players lead the Third Street Saints to victory against the rival Syndicate. However, to do that, players need an avatar to represent them. That's where Initiation Station comes in.

Initiation Station lets fans start building their character before Saints Row: The Third is even available. Given the wealth of options available, many are sure to be grateful for extra time to decide. Better yet, those who take advantage of Initiation Station can upload and share their characters on the Saints Row community site at Find one you like better than what you've come up with? Download and make good use of it once Saints Row: The Third hits store shelves on November 15th.

Saints Row: The Third's character builder lets players be whoever they want to be. They can proudly strut the streets of Steelport as a furry. Perhaps they'd prefer a gimp mask or to be completely naked. As for myself, I will be the most suave gentleman you could ever hope might brutally murder you in an alley. After all, if I'm going to crush the gangs of Steelport, I want to look good when I do it.

How soon can you be initiated? Those who pre-ordered Red Faction: Armageddon should already have their codes. On November 1st, limited access for Initiation Station ends and anyone can join in by downloading the tool via PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam.

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Staff article by Skyler Bunderson (October 26, 2011)

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JoeTheDestroyer posted October 27, 2011:

Such a neat idea. I have this game pre-ordered, the first I've pre-ordered in years, and I'll definitely download the Initiation Station.
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Masters posted October 27, 2011:

Somewhat excited for this game.

Oh, and welcome!

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