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Rusty Lake Hotel is now FREE [Limited Time]

Rusty Lake Hotel image

Celebrating 6 years of Rusty Lake at the Rusty Lake Hotel

Rusty Lake Hotel is celebrating its six year anniversary not only but dropping a lot of updated content, but by making the game free across numerous platforms. Including Steam. I suspect most people will only worry about the fact it's free on Steam.

Rusty Lake Hotel is a surreal puzzle game that tasks you with escaping from an isolated hotel that we're surprised no one here has reviewed yet (looking at you Joe/EmP!). Maybe you'd like to be the first? The current price point is hard to argue with!

It also boasts the following updates:

💬 18 new translations
💥 Steam achievements and Steam Cloud Save
🖥️ Added a fullscreen function
▶️ And a way to replay each room!

Not only will the game remain free until the 1st of May, the developer has also put the majority of the backlog on a 50% sale too.

EmP's avatar
Staff article by Gary Hartley (April 29, 2021)

Gary Hartley arbitrarily arrives, leaves a review for a game no one has heard of, then retreats to his 17th century castle in rural England to feed whatever lives in the moat and complain about you.

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