September 06, 2007

They had an infertile rhino on yesterday. Supervets is the best programme EVER.

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iamtheprodigy iamtheprodigy - September 06, 2007 (06:06 AM)



*leaves before being attacked by the British*
MartinG MartinG - September 06, 2007 (11:31 AM)
Did they organise a dating contest to find a suitable partner? And what happened to Lewis, the agonising dog?
lisanne lisanne - September 06, 2007 (04:45 PM)
BBC1, Wednesdays at 7.30pm. And it's LAME.

Louis the dog got better. He was bleeding and the vets couldn't work out where from, but in the end it didn't matter because he was fine anyway.
lisanne lisanne - September 07, 2007 (10:16 AM)
bluberry bluberry - September 07, 2007 (12:42 PM)
for the sake of clarity, us Americans will now call it kickball.
carcinogen_crush carcinogen_crush - September 07, 2007 (09:33 PM)
I think we should call it "Get-Across".


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