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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

Is it time?
January 29, 2009

I'm sure you've all been on the edges of your seats, and I'm proud to report that I've just written an introductory paragraph to my first review in... well, a while.

Uh, yeah. >_>

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Attention, dearest mentor Suskie
August 26, 2008

Will you halp me please? I haven't seen you on AIM lately and I require your assistance, if you're still providing it like you used to. And yes I'm talking about in bed. With this review I'm trying to write that sucks. I need my mentor back!


July 27, 2008

See, before my problem was I didn't play any games at all. Now my problem is I'm playing too many at once. Or maybe I'm just making more excuses for myself. Maybe there will always be a reason for me to not write. Maybe, just maybe... >_>

I've still accomplished nothing
July 23, 2008


Perhaps after I complete Mass Effect.....


Heh, still working on that.
June 29, 2008

And when I say "working on it" I mean "working on getting the energy to work on it".

And on further consideration, that "sports game" might be a complete lie. But once again, I'm not sure. It's so secretive and exciting, even I don't know!


I'm going to write a review. Oh yes.
May 29, 2008

Yes, that's right ladiemen and gentlemen, I plan on actually writing a real review about a videogame some time in the near future. This is exciting for not just me, but for all of America and the world, since it's my first one since September. Never mind the fact that the review will probably suck. Never mind the fact that my old reviews barely skirted the line of mediocrity at best. This, boys and girls, will be epic. EPIC.

Or it'll just be an unexciting review about a sports game. I haven't decided yet what it will be.

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I miss review-writing...
February 26, 2008

I really need to get back into the swing of writing reviews. I haven't written a new one in months.

School's just been keeping me busy as hell lately, as is my musical obligations (jazz band, regional band, all state band, etc...).

Also plagued lately with lack of money, which isn't surprising since I don't have a job yet (which I really need to actually get now, it can be avoided no longer). I really want to upgrade my crappy drumset from the 60s (yeah, 60s, for serious).

So yeah. If anyone wondered where I was... that's where. Hopefully I'll be able to write a review soon... there's a few games I've played lately.


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