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Finding the LOST Ones: Eggtown/The Constant
March 01, 2008

Finding the LOST Ones – Eggtown and The Constant

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Finding The LOST Ones - The Economist
February 18, 2008

Finding the LOST Ones – “The Economist”

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Finding The LOST Ones - Confirmed Dead
February 10, 2008

Finding the LOST Ones – Confirmed Dead

Well we did get several answers amongst the millions of questions that would seem to percolate to the surface. We also gained a few bits of clarification on issues that arose, saw that for the first time the show as has come full circle and that life on the Island is in fact nothing but a repeated pattern, no one is beyond suspicion, and no one, absolutely no one knows everything that’s going on the Island. Of course we gain another how does Ben know everything moment, another open ended who the man on the boat/in the coffin, and another appearance from Mr. Super Creepy a.k.a Matthew Abaddon.

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Finding the LOST Ones: S4E01
February 01, 2008

Season 4 – Episode 1 “The Beginning of the End”

After what seems like ages ABC’s one mega hit not just super hit television show returned to the airwaves with a vengenance last week, and I’m not just talking about the increased ratings. After leaving fans around the world, yours truly included, in the 100% dark after last season’s “Snake in the Mailbox” we finally got another glimpse at the future, another Jack Vs Locke conflict, and a boatload of questions without a boatload answers.

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NFL Blitz Divisional Playoffs
January 14, 2008

NFL Blitz: Divisional Playoffs

Stats of the Week:
1. Tom Brady completed 92.9% of his pass attempts
2. Ryan Grant fumbled twice in the span of 58 seconds
3. Brett Favre has thrown a touchdown pass in 17 consecutive post-season games
4. In Wild Card Weekend no rung back had more then 70 yards, in the first divisional game Ryan Grant had over 200.
5. Rodney Harrison has an interception in 4 consecutive playoff games.
6. As of last Sunday at 1:00 Philip Rivers and Eli Manning had never won a playoff game. As of 8:00 this Sunday both had won a pair and are in Conference championship games.
7. “America’s team” have not won a playoff game in 12 years.
8. The New York Giants are 9-1 on the road

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Top 25 Singles of 2007
January 10, 2008

25. Inconsolable – Backstreet Boys
The song let you knew that the Boys were back to what they were before the three year break and really represents the album, which was heavily under-rated, very well. This is pop music as it’s finest, cheesy love ballads.

24. The Evening News – Chamillionaire
The Evening News was higher until I realized that as individual single it’s not that amazing. Yet, I couldn’t take it off the list as that would be a disgrace to how good the album as a whole is, and to fully understand the song and appreciate you really have to listen to “Ultimate Victory”

23. We Taking Over – D.J. Khaled ft. Rick Ross, T.I. Fat Joe, Akon, Weezy, & Birdman

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NFL Blitz Wild Card Weekend
January 06, 2008

NFL Blitz: Wild Card Weekend

The playoffs began with only a few mildly intriguing matchups this year. Being as by far the 4 best teams had a bye the wild card games seemed a little lack luster and compared to previous years, not very appealing. That said, we did have one fantastic game, and a few games were interesting for a half or so. A disappointing start to the wild card weekend in this columnists opinion, and hopefully with more storylines and intrigue the divisional rounds will bring more excitement to the table.

Stats of the Week:
1. No one on any team had one rusher go over 70 yards
2. Tennessee had 6 different players run the ball
3. David Garrard had more yards rushing then Maurice Jones Drew or Fred Taylor
4. The 3 seed and the 5 seed won in both conferences.

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