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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

College... UGH
September 04, 2008

So I started college. I've got 3 classes today... one being Intro CIS, which is exceptionally boring. The writing class is fun, but after it, I have math. Also boring. Got about 40,000 MS Points yesterday. Used a ton. Gave a ton away. Sold a few. Traded a few. Trying to decide what to do with the rest.

Oh, I also bought a gas mask.


Fun ends, life begins. Subtitle - Meh.
June 11, 2008

Finished my GED.
Applied to the community college I live 2 miles from.
Took placement tests.
Counselor appointment is tomorrow.
Typing everything on new lines really breaks any flow.
I think I will do it more often.

Anyways, point is no more long vacation. College, then more college, then work. FAIL! In other news, Combichrist has a badass video for "This Shit Will Fuck You Up", look for it on youtube. Now.

I may be going to see Mindless Self Indulgence next weekend. We will see.

A wave of paranoia, fear and loathing.
May 31, 2008

So my PayPal account was compromised by some gaia online loving jackass. If I ever meet whoever did this I would run them through the pointed end of my dagger.

In other news to calm my nerves I had about 4 energy drinks worth of caffeine in one shot and am now watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas while very incoherent. Good mix.

GTAIV - Fuck Dirty Disc Error
May 31, 2008

It seems every hour I play this game, it crashes! Its getting truly annoying.

Anyways, I did finally get GTAIV! It is SO much better than San Andreas. The story actually seems decent so far, not like a bad movie spoof. Driving was a pain at first but it feels great now. Races in the game are still evil. It seems the other cars can plow through anything >_>

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