I beat No More Heroes 2 this weekend.
February 01, 2010

It's amazing how a few fundamental changes can lead to so many improvements. Everything in the game is streamlined; there's no more cheap Grand Theft Auto knockoff between each fight, you don't have to pay to enter boss battles, and the AI is surprisingly sharp. The part-time jobs work so much better as 2D mini-games. Great stuff, for the most part.

The ending is a huge letdown, however. Some of the bosses leading up to it were fantastic (the General Grievous wannabe in particular), but the final showdown and its aftermath were underwhelming. It's got nothing on the first game. The extra playable characters aren't all they're cracked up to be, either. Fans are going to be kind of pissed when they find out Shinobu and Henry are only playable for a battle or two.

It's still an amazing game, though.

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jiggs jiggs - February 01, 2010 (11:28 AM)
i was kind of expecting shinobu and henry to be played for a few levels. i guess it just wouldn't make sense plotwise to have them all playable at the start. i kinda miss the GTA-style driving strangely, even though it had its problems.

good game so far. i'm at the part where u play shinobu and beat the 1st boss she encounters...this is the lamest boss so far..the one before that was pretty awesome nod for fans of the 1st game although the pattern was easy to figure out but it was still kinda epic.
disco disco - February 01, 2010 (06:53 PM)
Yeah, Million Gunman is easily the lamest boss in the game. Most of the last five are pretty badass, though.

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