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January 12, 2007

Ahhh well, it is time I suppose for a new entry after many months had passed by. What happened during this time, one might ask? Many things, but I sincerely doubt that anyone is even remotely interested. Probably the only thing that matters to the world itself is that in two days one of the most prominent figures in the world will be celebrating his twenty three winters in this world.


But that aside, let's post other things. Loom was a pretty fun project and was also one of the first games that I played of the said genre. I think the only adventure games I played before that was the original Maniac Mansion and the first Monkey Island so the game, much like most of the Lucas Arts fame has a special place for me. I am quite sure that those that grew up in such a time period have games that are dear to them in such a way. Indeed, when I remember the time and the effort to obtain half of those games(I still remember how happy I was when I got Sam&Max:Hit the road on seven disks in 1995, for there was no internet as we know it at that time), only to have some of my chums tell me how they "downloaded" the entire LucasArts collection in one click. Times do change.

Even more depressing is the use of faq's for a game today. I admit that I use them myself. Not for the story reasons, but since the majority of the games I play are rpgs I really do not have the time for multiple playthroughs of a game which would enable me to see it all...sof for that i do use the faq's to see and obtain the secret things.
I remember how much I played Discworld, one of the harder adventure games of the past two decades. I think I spent almost a year playing it before I managed to finish it completely, only to be called a few days ago by one of my chums who finished it in little over a week. How? Once again, walkthroughs. Ahhh well...

For my comic book dominion I am still going through the Spider-Man issues and am now up to the nineties and to the appearance of Carnage which as I am told is not really all that well received by the fans of the comic. Ahhh well, we shall see. The web slinger is pretty fun altough I dislike how sometimes the writers make him more powerful then he should be(in some issues he has problems of competing with Paste Pot Pete, and then in another he takes down a herald of the sodding Galactus with his bare fists.)

Well, until at the very least this weekend is through that is all from me.

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janus janus - January 13, 2007 (03:35 AM)
That was a great review. You should write more often!
darketernal darketernal - January 13, 2007 (04:25 AM)
Alas I suffer from a very common disease called lazyness, but I will try to write from time to time. Thanks.
EmP EmP - January 15, 2007 (06:25 AM)
Like all TEmPers, I made DE and could break him with a thought!

But his charmingingly foriegn ways make me smile.

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