Dynasty Warriors 6
March 01, 2010

Just started playing this, and God it is hard. I keep getting my arse kicked on the first stage of Zhao Yun campaign.

I can, without any problems say, that I am indeed very afraid of Lu Bu.

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zippdementia zippdementia - March 01, 2010 (02:27 PM)
I got tired of Dynasty Warriors after DW3, which was great. Then every new game was the same game with worse voice acting.
darketernal darketernal - March 01, 2010 (04:12 PM)
Actually, the first DW game I played was DW5 on the PS2. The series pretty much went under my radar,and I only got interested in it after playing the first Samurai Warriors.

As for the voice acting, honestly, it makes it that much more awesome. It's so bad you have to like it. Like Resident Evil 1.
zippdementia zippdementia - March 05, 2010 (06:34 PM)
You played DW5? Then you saw the dancing cutscene you get if you win as the guy with the claws?
darketernal darketernal - March 05, 2010 (06:51 PM)
Well, in all games that have a roster, I usually play them one at a time, and if I remember the guy with the claws is fairly far down to choose, but I do remember him being fairly...effeminate, so this doesn't surprise me what so ever.

I liked Liu Bei with his pedophile thin moustache.

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