Another tourney done.
April 09, 2007

Well, what can I say. I am pretty content with what is my highest ranking so far in a tourney. While I can't say I scored bad in the previous ones, where most of my reviews were in the top 12, this is the first time that I am in the top three.

And the strangest thing of them all is that, as I said to Emp before sending the finished piece to him for editing, I told him that this was probably the review I was least satisfied with in terms of quality.

So that leads me to question some things. Perhaps I should write reviews until I am not at all satisfied to them. Who knows, maybe I win a Pulitzer price that way one day.

In other news, I got rather drunk the other day to the point where I told a female creature which was interested in discussing the finer points of swedish documentaries in thorough detail something to this accord "Mrmmphgs.", which was the high peak of my verbal capabilities right there, moments before I lost myself in the sea of people.

Now, as one might know, people, and by people I mainly consider males, think some most fantastic things when under the influence. Some fancy themselves masters of some long forgotten martial art, some think that they dance like Fred Astaire while me? I considered about an long term anime where the premise would be people with some form of retardation that participated in martial arts. They would have special moves mimicking their "chosen" life style. It would be grand, but then when the alcoholic fumes left my mind and some sort of ratio once more returned to me, I found out that such an anime exists already.

It is called Naruto.

Truthfully if there was an anime that I love to hate and yet continue to watch that would be it. I can't fathom how there could be any form of entertainment of such sort where all of the main characters(with a notable exception here and there) manage to disgust me. From the main character that is a ninja dressed in orange, to his gender confused, angst filled rival that is the hearthrob of every female character in the show, to the fagtastic villains that plague it.

And yet, I will continue to watch it one day or the other even though my generic rage will continue to rise and rise.

And yet again, do not think that it is because it is an anime that spans so many episodes that had anything to do with my scorn of it. Nay, for you see, there is another which I can speak in nothing but superlatives. And that is One Piece. To put it in heathen terms, "it rox". It is the completely opposite when it comes to some sensations, for I do not remember a game or a movie, or even an anime where I could say that I liked every certain character that appeared on it, where the story kept me so involved and where sillyness could be mixed so well with drama. All in all, fantastic.

And one of the best things is that I think I got Emp infected with it as well. So, in the next tourney, if do participate just know that I have the power to affect Emp's judgement. That should serve as some incentive to vote in my favor all the time.

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EmP EmP - April 09, 2007 (02:15 PM)
It's true! I watch One Piece like crazy over Youtube. Subbed, of course; 4kids scare me to my core.

Congrats on your awesome placement in the tourney, though. You beat me pretty convincingly. I put it down to my tutoring.
darketernal darketernal - April 09, 2007 (02:17 PM)
Of course, subbed. Forgot to add that one. So anyone that wants to watch that marvel of "mainstream"(believe it or not, not all that is well known sucks), do yourself and the world of favor and check out the subbed versions instead of the dubbed. Besides the dub being horrendous in execution, the anime itself, mature themes are completely erased(guns, blood, cigarettes, swearing, sexual themes and so on and so on).

Not to act like some sort of purist, but One Piece might very well be the worst case of bad localisation.
carcinogen_crush carcinogen_crush - April 09, 2007 (05:44 PM)
Oh yeah?

Well just for your information, Gantz was pretty cool, too. For the erections and violence, and in some cases, the violent erections.

Actually, I thought your little picture was a phallus until I noticed that it said something about a bunny.

Man, I need glasses.
carcinogen_crush carcinogen_crush - April 09, 2007 (05:49 PM)
Oh yeah, by the way:

It was you, so thank you. I was on the LoD board at GFs and saw your conversation with someone else about this site, and that's what drew me to start writing.

darketernal darketernal - April 10, 2007 (04:23 AM)
I serve as an inspiration to millions, so it is quite understandable.

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