September 23, 2007

Actually, it was a date! Turns out she broke up with her boyfriend cause he moved to Texas for college.


Yours Truly,
CRUSH (Who just had the best day of his life)

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honestgamer honestgamer - September 23, 2007 (06:46 PM)
Well, I'm glad THAT turned into good news!
Genj Genj - September 23, 2007 (07:17 PM)
Molto bene! C'รจ una ragazza in ti vita. Io sono il mago di i fiori.
Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - September 23, 2007 (07:21 PM)
You're the flower wizard?
Genj Genj - September 23, 2007 (07:23 PM)
Yes, I am the flower wizard.
espiga espiga - September 23, 2007 (07:55 PM)
Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - September 23, 2007 (08:21 PM)
Hey man, babel fish may not provide the greatest translations, but using my basic understanding of etymology, I can sort of understand what you're saying without even going to that site.

Io, like Spanish yo = I

sono, like Spanish soy = am

il, like Spanish el = the

mago, like English mage

di, like Spanish de = of

i, I have no idea what that is for

fiori, like Spanish flor = flower

Genj Genj - September 23, 2007 (08:31 PM)
i is the plural form of il. The hardest difference between Italian and Spanish is pronunciation. For example castle is castello vs castillo, but in Italian the double l is pronounced as it would be in English rather than a y.
daff daff - September 24, 2007 (07:56 AM)
Good for you. I hope there are more dates to come.
carcinogen_crush carcinogen_crush - September 24, 2007 (06:34 PM)
Me too. I couldn't believe it.



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