Holy Dick
May 13, 2007

I'm messed up with something and it just keeps getting worse. Constantly having this intense stomach cramp that feels like nausea, as if I'm always bordering on the edge of blowing chunks.

Fever and headache and muscle pain. Shit. This sucks, and it's not getting any better, despite being on anti-biotics.



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carcinogen_crush carcinogen_crush - May 14, 2007 (09:49 PM)
Still feeling like Hell, but the version with cute coasters on the coffee tables.

Rented Splinter Cell: DA to try and get through and review, but my friend wasn't around to answer the door so I could get my damned 360 controller back. So it'll have to wait.

Wanted to get into Romancing Saga this week, but the other night when I booted it up, the colors almost made me spew.

Maybe later.

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